Acritiqued live speech on sexual orientation

Iattended a Christian workshop that took place in Ohio. During theworkshop, Mr. Adam Levine who was the main guest at the event gave aspeech on sexual orientation. Although Mr. Levine condemned theOrlando shootings, he seemed to be completely biased against the gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities who were the mainvictims. This is because of the main contents of his speech thatseemed to cause bias against this community. Mr. Levine was usingbiblical contexts and scripts in justifying his stand against thiscommunity. In addition, he admitted the fact that sexual orientationwas an indeed a conceptual scheme with a dark history. Recent claimsof equal rights to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendercommunities have recently sparked conversations on identity issues.

Mr.Levine claimed that the Christian marital architecture on matters ofhuman sexuality is fully committed to heterosexual relations. Thisstatement has been used for many decades to bring down the efforts ofthe LGBT communities. This is a fanciful framework that has overlybeen used to discriminate and cause violence to the gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender communities just because of who they are. Ibelieve that this group is entitled to enjoy the same rights just asthe heterosexuals do. In this regard, I believe that they have aright to claim for these rights contrary to what Mr. Levine wasimplying. As a leader in either religious platform, political or inthe society, it is the duty of Mr. Levine to step in and assist thecivil societies in this struggle. However, I believe that his strictreligious views blinded his opinions and as a result, they werecompletely biased.

Additionally,Mr. Levine indicated that the homosexual behavior was as a result ofdistasteful psychological disorder. In this case, it is thispsychological disorder that forces an individual to have unnaturaldesires that are considered to be distasteful in the society. Forthis reason, he indicated that there is a great need for the membersof the LGBT to be assisted medically. This statement was medicallyunfounded as sexual orientation is an important identity tool formany LGBT communities.

Mr.Levine’s statements were indeed a reflection of the ignorantsocieties that condemn same sex relations. As a result of thesediscriminatory views, there has been an increase in human rightsviolations that have risen to high levels. Some of the most notableviolations include forced confessions, denial of basic rights likeservices and most of all treatment by the law enforcing officers.

Indefending the Christian virtues, Mr. Levine indicated there is a needof enshrining the Christian morals. He further indicated that thereis a great need of keeping these morals chaste and attractive. Whilethis statement sounds somehow true, I believe that it lacksreasonableness as keeping such morals and virtues attractive cannotentirely be achieved through establishing the gay-straight divide.Additionally, this statement means to indicate that the LGBTcommunities are not worthy of Christianity. While these members havebeen biased against many services and rights in the community justbecause of whom they are, the church has a moral responsibility ofprotecting them. Religion should never be used as a tool and anexcuse for discrimination.