AFew Words for &quotGeneration Screwed&quot

AFew Words for &quotGeneration Screwed&quot

Thetime that has passed has led to significant changes in the way oflife. Apparently, the future of today’s youth seems quite bleak andunpromising. Previously, there was an ideology which supported thedevelopment of an individual from a low level and rose steadilythrough merit, talent, experience and hard work. The contemporaryworld is the opposite of what used to happen. Also, the economicimpacts have led to financial instability among the population. Thecause of all these problems are events that are beyond the control ofthat person. All people no longer experience the aspects of equalopportunities and same chances of success. Although this phenomenonappears to be present worldwide, some individuals have argued thatthis is not the case in the United States. This happening brings usto the question, “what are the reasons that make the millenniageneration the most screwed?”

Theworld war generation complained bitterly about the aftermath of thebattle and so does this one. Commonly termed as the generation Y orrather the Millennials, this cohort has seen its share of highs andlows of life. The gap between people in the age of 40 years and abovedo not understand people in their 20s. The situation is similar theother way round. Such dissimilarities between generation gaps haveexisted since time immemorial and it is not going to end any timesoon. This is due to the ever-changing way of life and practices.

Historically,before the 1970s, having education, especially a college one was adirect guarantee for a job with considerable earnings. Other peoplewho attained high school level or participated in trade schools werenot left behind. Getting a well-paying mode of employment was not ahassle. Things were all good and flourishing until the 1990s. Therealities of bad economy hit the then eager college graduates. Withthe recession came the lack of employment. As we know, generation Ycategory involves the group of individuals who were born in theyears… this, therefore, means that the recessions felt since haveaffected this group significantly. Not forgetting the fact that thesavings made by the previous generations who are the parents of thecurrent generation became depleted due to the series of economicrecessions that occurred in late 2000 and 2010. This happeningindicates that apart from the employment problem, the millennialgeneration lacks sufficient financial support even from within theirfamilies.

Educationhas been considered a fundamental art of life. Currently, there is acritical shortage of financial resources allocated for education. Assuch, the tuition fees in almost each and every institution oflearning has soared to unimaginable heights. Learning centers nolonger prioritize on the provision of the best services for theyouth. On the contrary, the administration policies tend to createatmospheres that are specifically favorable to the wealthy students.What this means to the disadvantaged is that they can no longerafford such institutions. Learning institutions have now becomecorporates that lean more towards making profit than providingessential knowledge to students. Also, the rate of payment has eitherdeclined or stagnated over time. Which means that whether you havegraduated with a Masters or a Bachelor’s degree are not well paid.Even though the remuneration seems to be sufficient, the pay is notin rhyme with the economy. Due to these factors, people will not beable to request substantial educational loans. Similarly, they cannottake care of the loans they had earlier borrowed for variouspurposes.

Thehealthcare system started to become dysfunctional in the 1990s, butthe situation has spiraled from bad to worse. The number of householdmembers who do not have health insurance has increased steadily overtime leading to more health problems in the population. As if this isnot enough, the poor pay makes it harder for the generation to affordother healthcare benefits. As time goes on, the expected situation bythe coming years, employers will no longer be intent on providinghealth insurance amenities to their workers. As if this is notenough, the general environment of this era is clouded bycatastrophic events which are both natural and man-made. Beginningfrom the tsunamis, floods, fires and most importantly, terroristactivities. The movement from one place to another has become aproblem with cases of screening, suspicion, poor relations betweencountries and the fear of attack. The experiences the millennialcohort have witnessed leave a sense of doubt and insecurity.Travelling, vacations and fun have been ruined by such events. Peopleno longer feel comfortable in their homes as the rates of crime andattacks mount each day. The root cause is all related to the economycoupled with the screwed up system that some consider unfair to thepoor yet welcoming to the affluent.

Apartfrom the never-ending war between states, the judicial system doesnot seem to be a working solution to these problems. Surprisingly,the major deficit can be observed in the high number of bailoutshappening almost every day, accounting for billions of dollars. Casesof homicide, petty crimes, corporate litigations and other forms ofcorruption have stained the contemporary society. This generation ispart and parcel of it all. We cannot fail to notice that the war ondrugs and human trafficking has failed. School children have accessto illicit substances while the young people are illegally taken fromvarious countries to work. The prison institution is alsodysfunctional. Cases of injustice and racial discrimination duringprosecution and trial run deep in the system, and most of the youthsin generation Y have either had a friend, relative or themselvesengaged in a scuffle with the justice department at one point intime.

Owninga home will soon be just but a dream for Millennials. In the past,people who received a salary of around 15,000 dollars had access tomortgage loans of up to 300,000 dollars with mouth-watering interestrates. All these interesting things dissipated into thin airsomewhere along the way. The sad reality is that soon enough, homeownership will be unreachable for them.


Themillennial generation arrived at a point in time when things hadbegun to turn around. Declined morals, poor economies, increasedcrime rates and lack of sufficient employment are all part of lifetoday. The truth of the matter is that unless things are turnedaround completely and in an earnest manner, then we have not seen theworst yet. We cannot say much about the incoming generation Z, butthe future looks even dimmer. Based on these factors and events, wecan correctly attest that this generation is a screwed one, in almostall spheres of its existence.


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