AFulfilling Massage Experience

WhyI Chose Envy Massage

Ihave always wanted to go for a massage not only to have my musclesrelaxed but also to meet the professionals working in the parlors.Therapists in the massage houses meet clients from variousbackgrounds who turn up with different objectives. I visited MassageEnvy that has many units across the country. I chose theestablishment for its famed competent therapists and estheticians.The staff has a tradition of regarding massage as a necessity ratherthan a luxury. They, therefore, recommend it to everybody. Animperative value of the company that attracted me is that they helpindividuals take care of themselves (Massage Envy, 2016). I alsoopted to receive the services in one of their parlors, which is oneof the massage centers that have been in the industry for an extendedperiod. Every year, the staff provides massage services to 90 millionclients and more than 165 million facials (Massage Envy, 2016). Considering the massive credit, I did not find it necessary to lookfor further recommendations.

TheParlor’s Impression

Uponentering the reception, I got the impression of a professionalcenter, and I was confident that I would receive top-notch services.One of the primary objectives was to check on the legality of thecompany. On the wall, in the reception room, hang a certificate ofregistration by the American Massage Therapy Association. Theendorsement ensures that only qualified professionals serve clients(American Massage Therapy Association, 2016). They also make certainthat the parlors abide by the privacy policy to protect the identityof the clients. The tranquility in the premise reflected anappropriate environment for relaxation. Providing a legalrecognition of the scope of duties of the therapists, the consumersidentify their rights. They can also select the parlor that meets thequalifications (American Massage Therapy Association, 2016).

Qualificationsof the Therapist

Oneof the professionals who aided me in filling a therapy chart welcomedme into the center. In the document, I filled details about my healthstatus, medical history, and incidents of personal injury. Accordingto the company’s policy, a patient cannot be served until he/shediscloses his/her medical condition. The management is very sensitiveto the clients’ conditions. It assists the practitioners torecommend the best activity that would lead to desirable outcomes indifferent patients (American Massage Therapy Association, 2016). Inaddition, the staff asked me to fill out my primary objective in thetherapy. In doing so, he would find it easy to evaluate my experienceafter the session. Through my inquisitive behavior, I gathered thatthe National Certification Board certified him for TherapeuticMassage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). For an individual to offer theservice, he or she must have the board’s accreditation, haverelevant skills, and knowledge attributed to the practice. One mustalso have attained a minimum of 500 hours of initial class massagetherapy training (American Massage Therapy Association, 2016).However, the number of compulsory hours varies within the states(Field, 2014, p.224).

WhyI Went for Massage

Theprimary reason for opting to go for the therapy was that I had beenhaving stressful moments for some days. The practitioner wasparticular on this issue, as it would direct him on where to putpressure. Research indicates that during stress, the body divertsenergy from the digestive system to boost the immune responses.According to Heard et al. (2012), when stress is not controlled, ittriggers other body reaction, including, indigestion, headache, andincreased blood pressure, lack of sleep and chest pains (114). Before visiting Massage Envy, I had been experiencing waves of aheadache, insomnia, and chest pains. Massage helps to relax themuscles, lower the heart rate and intensifies the production ofendorphins (Heard et al., 2012, p.112). Salvo (2015) also indicatesthat massage sessions that do not exceed one and a half hours canlower heartbeat, insulin, and cortical levels (7). I was optimisticthat visiting the parlor would solve my problem.

ThePractitioner’s Recommendations

Afterthe session, the therapist recommended many activities that would beinstrumental in overcoming my condition. First, he advised lookingfor distracters to help in countering the effect of the stressors.Also, he introduced the idea of subscribing to Massage Envy monthlymembership plan. The program would allow me to access the servicesonce a month at reduced costs. She encouraged me to try acupuncturesince I had never used it in the past. According to the masseuse, themethod is recommendable for stress and pains on various parts of thebody. The method involves the use of sharp needles inserted atstrategic points in the body to alter its function (Ruotsalainen etal., 2015, p.19). The World Health Organization hails it for a myriadof health conditions, including, childhood illnesses, back injuries,alcoholism, headache, and chronic pain (Ruotsalainen et al., 2015,p.21). I assured the therapist that I would try it in my subsequentsessions.

Adheringto the Therapist’s Advice

Theexcellent services that I received will be a motivation factor for arevisit. I received a model therapy and aromatherapy. Massage Envyuses plant essential oils and other aromatic compounds to alter themood and cognitive wellbeing (Massage Envy, 2016). Also, I confirmedthat the employees have adopted the values outlined in the company`sdescription. They include professionalism, client-centered services,and comfort. From the reception to the post-session services, Iconsidered it as one of the unparalleled effleurage hubs.

MyAssessment of the Services at Envy

Afterthe end of the session, I was content with the new physical andemotional feeling. I left the parlor with a total relaxation of themind and slackened muscles. Prior to my visit, I was uncertain ofremaining comfortable during the session. I had overheard incidentsof clients remaining cramped throughout the ordeal. However, theemployees at Massage Envy were supportive and ethical. My inputduring the session was instrumental. The therapist confirmed that Iwas comfortable with all the activities. He also allowed me theliberty to raise any concern in the process in the case I feltrestless or tense. In addition, I was given a chance to evaluate thepractitioner. The management uses the feedback from the clients toimprove the services (Massage Envy, 2016).


Inconclusion, I still consider Massage Envy as the model therapy housein the country. Apart from the professional services rendered by theemployees, the company adheres to a client-centered massage. Theworkers capitalize on the objectives indicated by the clients in thetherapy chart. Also, they work towards offering distinguishedreflexology by building on the reactions gathered by the patrons. Asthe therapist advised, I will try acupuncture and subscribe to thecompany’s membership plan. Trying out the two methods will informmy decision on the most productive technique about my condition.


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