Bton Rouge


The rticle title is “Rededicting Bton Rouge by Rev. Elijh R.Zehyoue”, which ws published on the 18th of July, 2016 in TheAdvocte. The rticle is typiclly n ppel by the Reverend thtpeople from Bton Rouge must dedicte their city to pece nd muststnd up for their town. The reverend is nxious bout the childrenwho re growing up in the Bton Rouge of tody where there isviolence, injustices, nd rcil segregtion. According to the uthorof this rticle, the two churches in the city, one tht ispredominntly ttended by the blck community nd the other onewhite re close to ech other. This is cler indiction tht thedifferences between the whites nd the people of color re not svst.

The uthor hs pprently mde this rticle s n ppel for pecein the city of Bton Rouge. There is no doubt tht the uthor hsused the dediction of the bbies in the churches s wy of seekingreconcilition nd justice in the city. It is essentil to note thtthe use of kids in the rticle is imed t ttrcting the sympthynd cre hence clling people towrds mintining pece nd love. Itis evident tht the uthor is worried bout the welfre of thechildren who re being dedicted to city tht is ferful, unjustnd rcilly segregted.

The rticle is gret reding, especilly due to the issue tht isrecent nd tht hs cught the world ttention. The uthor hsmnged to orgnize the rticle into sizeble prgrphs tht reredble. The rticle is eqully short, nd the grmmr, spelling,nd style tht he used re excellent. I believe the rticle hs thenecessry ppel to cll people into ccepting pece nd stnding upfor pece in the city for the ske of children tht they dedicte tothe town t the locl churches.