Whenwriting about oneself, the most important part of the essay is alwaysone’s name, which signifies identity. My name is CornickolusHenderson, but my friends call me Nick, which is the short form ofCornickolus. From my childhood, through college to this day I havelived in Tyler, Texas as my home. I attended the Robert E. Lee HighSchool and graduated in the year 2008 with an early graduatescholarship. After high school, I joined Tyler Junior College for 2years. During my college days, I never took my classes seriouslybecause I was involved with other non-academic activities. As aresult, I failed a class and dropped below the 2.0 GPA, which was therequired mark to receive financial aid. The lack of commitment anddedication to my classes saw me drop out of college and forced tosecure a full-time job. Furthermore, I had already fallen below the2.0 GPA and was no longer assured of the financial assistance. Inthe course of my time outside the college, I came to understand howimportant education was in one’s life. I got a glimpse of how mylife would look like if I did not get a college education. When thisreality dawned on me, I decided to do something about it by startingmy own business called the cleaning surgeon. I am grateful at thispoint because my business is doing very well and I am ready tofurther my education. The experience I have gathered running mybusiness and the passion for making it better has propelled me topursue bachelor`s degree in business. I am a Christian, and my faithhas taught me always to give thanks to God for everything I achieve.In every step that I have made in life, God has always been there forme. God remained faithful to me even when I never knew myself. Whenmy family was going through a tough time, He made a way out of noway. I serve as a deacon at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church locatedacross the street from the Greenberg Smoked Turkey. Popularly knownas the center of the Thanksgiving celebration, the Greenberg SmokedTurkey makes tender and good turkey, and every year around theholidays, we can always smell the heavenly scent in the air. Out ofall the things I usually do, the most important is taking time outwith my family. I am a father of four and a husband to my lovelywife. Our first born is an 8-year-old daughter, followed by a6-year-old son, and a set of twin boys aged 10 months old. The twinsare adorable, and they keep me busy most of the time. I love my kids,and if I could, I would spend every minute of my time with them. Igrew up without a father, and the most important lesson I got fromthat situation was how to become a better father to my children and agreat husband to my wife. The commitment I have to my family has mademe dislike a number of things including an unfaithful person. Thebook of 1 Timothy chapter 5 verse 8 states, “But if anyone does notprovide for his relatives, and especially for members of hishousehold, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever(Bible Gateway).&quot Therefore, so long as I remain alive, I willalways take care of my family and love my wife the same way Christloved the church.


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