AcademicWriting versus Creative Writing

Creativewriting explores the adventures nature of the humanity. It revealsthe free thinking mind of the human being. The man has the alacrityto make observations and relate their opinions without fear ofcastigation and the guilt of offending another. Creative writinginvestigates the scope of thought and the realms within which man canexpress himself. It has a unique language for expression and withspecific features to capture its audience.

Creativewriting entails an array of literary genres such as poetry, novels,plays, music, drama and others. I will discuss a poem by Peter DaleWimbrow Sr, The Man in the Glass. In the study, one should be able toidentify the relevant elements of creative writing and the manner inwhich it is relayed to an audience. The creativity also means thatthe genre can invite listeners into perceiving the informationaddressed and disseminating this information to other quarters.

Thepoem exploits certain themes that surround the life of an individual.The theme of responsibility is out rightly expressed, especially whenthe poet advises that one may fool the whole world down the years butthe final reward is heartaches when you lie to yourself (Covey,2012). Another significant theme the poem searches is that ofidentity. Every man struggles with the thoughts of identity andtrying to find oneself. People want to identify with something,either a cultural background, or a family, or social class, or evenan environment. The poet in this instance says,“ When you get whatyou want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you king fora day,” to cover the concept of identity.

Thelanguage in this poem is direct and comprehensible to most people.The audience would readily perceive the details of the informationpassed. It speaks to an audience that is so eager to be educated andreminded about identifying oneself.

Thepoem appeals to my liking because it delves into the facets of lifethat steer an upward progress, telling all and sundry that the man inthe glass must remain responsible for determining his destiny.


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