Iwould like to sincerely thank my advisor Prof.Abc Xyz forthe persistent support he offered me during my Ph.D. studies andwhile carrying out this research. I express my deepest gratitude tohim for his forbearance, inspiration, gusto, and vast amounts ofknowledge. His supervision assisted me to conduct research and writethis thesis report.In addition, I take this opportunityto thank the members of my thesis’ committee: Prof.X, Dr. Y, Prof. Q and Dr. W,for their help, intuitive comments, and thought-provoking questions.

Myearnest appreciations also go to Dr.X, Dr. Z, and Dr. R,for the Summer Practicum opportunity that gave me a great experiencewith different stimulating projects.I thank all myassociated lab-mates in XGroup:A,B,and C,for the interesting discussions and wakeful nights we had together aswe worked together in the face of tight deadlines. It was great fun.I extend my special gratitude to Dr.H forinstructing me on how to carry out good research.Tofinish, I would like to show my appreciation for the support Ireceived from my family, especially my parents Xand Y duringmy research and the preparation of this report.