1. Reaction to the words and situation of the speaker

Innumerous occasions, lyrics from different songs hold very powerfulmessages. Music helps people to solve various problems like stressand a broken heart. ”How to save a life” (Fray, 2005) is a songthat relates so much to mental health problems and how to help anindividual come out of those life threatening situations. However,the songwriter gives us a picture of how difficult it is to assistsuccessfully such people who seem to be either contending with anupcoming battle of acceptance and recovery and also a feeling ofhopelessness and self-pity.

Thissong gives the reader a picture of different thoughts that peopleexperience when their loved ones commit suicide due to untreatedaddiction. The artist says “Where did I go Wrong” (Fray, 2005) tomean that human flaws like the inability to help the troubled person“Had I known how to save a life” (Fray, 2005) led to the artistlosing a friend. The song further states that “Lay down a list ofwhat is wrong” and “And pray to God he hears you” (Fray, 2005)which means that only an individual is in a position to motivatehimself to overcome a given situation although there might be supportfrom significant others. The lyrics of this song are essential inhelping people suffering from mental disorders like addiction, toseek help from a mental health professional.

  1. (a) Two Specific approaches used by addiction counselors to work with the client’s significant others.

Friends,coworkers, family, help groups and religious communities are peoplewho are within the addict`s social network. Thus, these people offera support system to the client during treatment with the aim ofimproving his or her treatment outcome. Therefore, it is the duty ofa counselor to use various approaches to be able to work with peopleclose to the client. One method involves the practitioner workingwith the people close to the addict as clients (Miller, Forcehim, andZweben, 2011). In this approach, the counselor assumes that thesignificant others are also in need of help, and each and everyindividual have their treatments plans and goals. The significantothers get the same treatment as addicts in need of help. Thisapproach provides an important avenue for the addict to look forassistance. The second method involves the counselor working withsignificant others as part of an individual client`s addictiontreatment (Miller, et al., 2011). The significant others are involvedin the counseling sessions. This approach ensures that the counselorhelps the addict and other family members to reduce anxiety andstress level associated with the family member addiction, assist themin developing coping strategies to lessen the impact of addiction ontheir lives and improve their life quality. However, when using theseapproaches, the counselor should respect the confidentiality of theclient.

b.Whatgoals might we have for this group?

Thegoals of a counselor for this group is to provide knowledge aboutaddiction to significant others so that they can be able to reduceanxiety and stress levels. Also, to assist in the development ofhealthy interactions that promote positive change andself-responsibility especially in the family. Moreover, to help thefriends, partners, or family to deal with any conflicts inrelationships, finally, to help the significant others to developcoping plans with the aim of minimizing adverse effects of addictionon themselves and improve their life standards (Miller et al., 2011).

c.What specific information and education would you want this group tohave? What would you want them to know about addictions?

Itis important to teach this group that addiction does not refer to thepsychoactive substance only. According to Miller et al., (2011), italso refers to psychological dependency to things like sex, exercise,work, sex, and gambling. Also, causes of addiction are influenced bysocial, biological, physical and psychological factors. Recovery ofan individual is facilitated when family members, partners, and closefriends are included in the treatment of addiction. Therefore, familyinvolvement should be taken into consideration so as to assist theaddict in generating a significant support system network.


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