The predicament arose in the bureau three months ago where despitebalanced workflow between Ruth Disselkoen`s and Jack Snyder`sdepartments, Ruth has constantly been recording a poor performance.The reason why the quandary arose at this particular time was becauseRuth could not accomplish her assigned duties on time and alwayscomplained about being tired. Additionally, Ruth’s actions haveforced the agency to include overtime hours at least twice a month atan extra cost of $200 to complete all assignments which had beengiven to her.

Managers have the duty to solve the hitches facing their employeesby seeking for a permanent solution for the problem (Michaeletal.,2011). Therefore, as the office manager, I have tooblige to my managerial duties by addressing the issue by managingits impact as well as the cause of the dilemma. I have to make aclose follow up of Ruth’s activities and ensure that they matchwith what the firm expects from her. Besides, to manage the impact ofthe issue, the organization has decided to spend an extra amount toensure that Ruth catches up with her duties.

The predicament is a temporal outlook which if not looked into ontime, could turn into a permanent twist (Michaeletal.,2011). Failure to address whatever has been causingRuth’s fatigue could result to a continued hitch in herperformance. This defect has led to constant extra expenditure by thebureau as well as demoralizing her associates as seen with FrankDeley. Frank has consistently complained for the last three weeksover the poor performance exhibited by Ruth.

Firing Ruth is beyond my jurisdiction, but I can talk to herconcerning her atrocious performance. In collaboration with her, wecan reach a relevant solution that will boost her service delivery.By the accords of an office, the manager is entitled with mandate ofmonitoring the performance of his firm (Michaeletal.,2011). Furthermore, through motivation of my employees,assigning some of Ruth’s duties to Jack, and as well obtaining afull-time advisement assistant for her team could help the departmentto catch up with our mission.

Moreover, no much time and costs would be required to effect thechanges. Assigning new duties to Jack as well as the employees’motivation would only call for a meeting. Miss Liz will tackle theprovision of a full-time advisement assistant. Nevertheless, all ofthese solutions would help to stop occurrence of adverse effects inthe business. The benefit accrued by changing the current happens inthe agency is that there would be an overall improvement in thecompany’s production as well as the creation of a suitable workingenvironment(Michael etal.,2011).


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