MicahXavier Johnson is a 25-year old man. He killed five police officersby shooting them on July 7. Johnson engages in a physical act ofaggression and uses a gun to shoot the officers. The victims hekilled were all male. Since it is a recent case, the aggression isyet to be punished.


&quotTomand Jerry&quot are two rival characters whose actions displayaggressions. Despite the mere fact that the program appeals tochildren, several instances of physical fights and verbal acts ofaggression is evident. The aggression results in a fight and harshwords.

Crimeand Drama: Hard Target

Thisis an action movie where a particular gang engages in a verbal abusewith Natasha. All the gang members are male whereas Natasha is afemale. Je Claude, a male character, intervenes and involves the gangin a physical fight

Aggressivemeans likely or ready to confront or attack resulting orcharacterized by aggression.

Ibelieve that aggression is learned in the society we live. It isevident that aggression can be derived from children imitatingviolent or aggressive behavior that they experience in their day today life.

Strategiesfor Reducing in the Society

Problem-solving:Frustration and anger are the results of inescapable and real issuesin our lives. can be a natural and a healthy response tothese complexities. Some people believe that every problem has asolution. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. If you can`t geta solution, focus on how to face or handle the problem and use aguide to organizing your time.

BetterCommunication: people who are angry tend to jump into conclusion. Ifone is involved in a heated discussion, people should be taught howto listen carefully and take time before answering.

Avoidharsh punishment: When we are insensitive, abusive or violent to thechildren, we teach them to be out of control, unsympathetic andrespond in anger. This should not be the case. The society must beadjusted in how discipline is administered. The punishment shoulddisplay concern and care for how they behave and feel and not fromtheir emotional problems.

Sinceaggressive behavior is learned in most cases, the parents shouldbuild the self-esteem of their children. In essence, they shouldidentify the strength and weaknesses of their children. Honestaccomplishment should be acknowledged and their achievementsrewarded.

Cognitiverestructuring can help in changing the way people think. When anindividual is angry, his/her thoughts may be quite dramatic. With thecognitive restructuring, an individual gets the capacity to replacethe thoughts with more constructive ones. It is thus imperative tofocus on the goals that need to be accomplished. Using logic cansubstantially solve the problem since sometimes, anger can bejustified.


Hostileaggression is derived from feelings of fury and intended at inducingpain. An example of hostile aggression includes: yelling at a childto make them feel bad, blackmail or hurt them intentionally, or callthem names


Instrumentalaggression is aggression derived for the aim of getting an outcome orreward. It is also known as proactive aggression. An example ofinstrumental aggression includes bombing cities, shoplifting, armedrobberies and parents disciplining their children physically toensure that they behave differently.


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