Alcoholismas a Social Problem

Alcoholismas a Social Problem

Alcoholismis a disorder that causes harmful consequences to the persondrinking, his immediate environment, and the society. Theconsequences have been of great concern to the community. Alcoholismhas caused traffic accidents, family and domestic problems, as wellas interpersonal violence. The alcohol dependence poses more threatto other individuals rather than the drunkard. All these effects haveresulted in an intervention by some of the social institutions in anattempt to address the issue. Therefore, this paper presents adescription of two organizations and an analysis of the way each ofthem handles alcoholism as a social problem.

AlcoholicsAnonymous is a favorite self-help group that focuses on the treatmentand recovery of alcoholics. It employs the initiative of fellowshipand a series of guided principles that aim at preventing and reducingcases of alcoholism. The organization has 12 steps that act asguidelines to help its members in maintaining sobriety. Their majorgoal is to enable the members to maintain total abstinence fromalcoholism (Gifford, 2011).

Womenfor Sobriety (WFS) Incorporation form another non-profit nationalorganization that focuses on the needs of the alcoholic women. It wasformed in 1976 and since then, it has proved successful in combatingthe issue of alcoholism. WFS established its basis from the New LifeProgram a sequence of 13 declarations. An example of thedeclarations includes &quotI have a life threatening problem thatonce had me. I now take charge of my life among others (WomenFor Sobriety, Inc.,2011).”

TheAlcoholic Anonymous Organization is concerned with the problem ofboth men and women. It establishes a communion where men togetherwith women share their experiences besides helping each other to pullthrough from alcoholism. The organization only requires its membersto develop the desire of abstaining from the condition. Theself-group initiative addresses the issue of addiction by arrangingmost of their meetings in health facilities. They visit some of thepatients that suffer from alcoholism and offer their support.

Basedon the objective perspective, the organization understands theproblem of alcoholism as a serious matter. Many cases have beenreported concerning alcohol drinking that has negatively impacted thesociety (Gifford, 2011). Therefore, the organization should standfirm and steady to prevent the disorder in the community. Differentmembers have different experiences about alcohol recovery. Theirdivergent views on reality concerning alcohol drinking have helped toreduce the dependence on the drug. The use of the subjective approachhas a basis in fact. Although the various perspectives are notconcrete facts, they assist in deriving conclusions which have provedto be essential in curbing alcohol consumption.

Mostaddicts develop the feeling of isolation from the society. They feellike they are outsiders to a group and develop loneliness. Theseindividuals who are alienated struggle with recovery. AlcoholAnonymous emphasizes on the alienation concept to help its membersrecover from addiction. They support and encourage them reducing thesense of loneliness.

Applyingthe conflict perspective whereby society is in a competition againstcertain aspects, such as resources, change is the ultimate solutionto the situation. The organization incorporates this theory and usesthe available resources to meet their objective of reducing theincidence of alcohol consumption (Pine, 2012). Functionalism Theory,on the other hand, presents the society as a complex system. It isthe responsibility of the organization to mobilize its resources andwork together as members to enhance stability. Alcohol Anonymousoffer their aid to both men and women to avoid alcohol drinking andbecome sober.

Anothermethod Alcoholic Anonymous uses to address the issue of alcoholism asa social problem is the coordination of resources and funds to settlesome of the bills incurred in hospitals. Some of the members of thegroup receive treatment in health facilities when admitted. They maylack funds to offset the bills, but the group can support such peoplethrough their programs. Alcohol Anonymous offer their help indonating money to the health facilities. The patients are recruitedin the panel helping them fight against the condition therebymaintaining sobriety (Alcoholic Anonymous Ltd, 2016).

TheWomen for Sobriety take into account the psychological needs of womenconcerning the problems of addiction. Women are free to discussanything since they are guaranteed of confidentiality. Theorganization enables behavioral change through positivereinforcement, which includes accepting the situation of the membersand encouraging them. This forms the objective reality, which existsbefore observation (Gifford, 2011). Those suffering from extremealcoholism are given special medical attention and drug treatment.This is the subjective reality since different members have perceivedit through observation. It has led to the development of projectsthat have catered for the treatment of the alcoholic women.

Womenwho have been chased away from their homes because of portraying badhabits as a result of alcohol drinking are provided with shelter(Pine, 2012). The organization has built several homes to cater forsuch people. The shelter is provided because the women have becomealienated from their homes and lacks a place to go. The applicationof the alienation perspective by the organization has been veryinfluential.

Aconflict theorist develops questions such as, “will the membersbenefit from the New Life Program?” in an attempt to findsolutions. The theorist understands that the society is subjected todifferent conditions with regard to wealth status. Poor communitiesmight struggle to fight on their own in recovering from alcoholism.The organization assembles its resources to help such people fightagainst addiction. The functionalism perspective helps theorganization to maintain a balance of their elements from thecomplicated system that exists in society. They seek for equilibriumby allowing its members to work together to defeat alcoholism.

Inconclusion, consumption of alcohol causes several socialconsequences. It has both short-term and long-term effects.Organizations, such as Alcohol Anonymous have stepped up to addressthe issue of alcoholism as a social problem. These groups have helpedreduce and prevent the problem of alcoholism intensely.


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