Analysisof A Good Man is Hard to Find

A Good Man Is Hard to Find that is presented byFlannery O`Connor illustrates the conflict of interests between thegrandmother and Misfit. The grandmother and Misfit both have codes ofconducts, but, they have different ways of complying with each. Theessay will illustrate how the grandmother complies with aninconsistent moral code as she solves some of the moral dilemmas shefaces while Misfit complies with a consistent moral code instead.

Right from the beginning, the grandmother seems to live by aninconsistent moral code that somehow defines the decisions and theactions that she undertakes. She judges everything based on theirappearance and instead ignores the substance that is one thing thatwill define a person (Yao, 2013). Shealso applies the same inconsistent moral code while facing some ofthe moral dilemmas especially when she is lying to her family. Inthis case, she even focuses on the way that she will appear more likea lady, yet, her behaviors and decisions do not show any goodness.For instance, she keeps manipulating her son Bailey and coerces himinto doing things he had not planned (O`Connor,2015). She wants people to be religious, and she even presentsherself as one, but, she fails to pray when she gets herself in acrisis instead.

On the other hand, Misfit complies with a consistent moral code asopposed to the grandmother fails to do so. For instance, Misfitbelieves that he did not kill his father, and the punishment wasdisproportionate to the crime he had committed (O`Connor,2015). He even challenges and criticizes religious beliefswhile the grandmother pretends to be religious, yet, she is not.Evidently, he applies a consistent moral code while facing the moraldilemma of supporting the religion or opposing it.

In conclusion, Misfit has a consistent code of conduct while thegrandmother portrays a certain code of conduct, but, her behaviorsstate otherwise. In this case, Misfit seems to practice what heportrays, and he believes that his punishment was wrong, and he alsohates religious beliefs. However, the grandmother pretends to be niceand a religious person, yet, she is manipulative and also hatesreligion. In fact, they apply the same approaches while dealing withthe various moral dilemmas that they are facing as well.


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