Analyzingan advertisement

Businesspower and competition today, relies on the ability to provide thebest and enticing products that can coax your consumers intopreferring them over the other competitors. It has, therefore,prompted many organizations into spendingheavily on commercialswhich aim at alerting the customers about the services and productsthat an individual firm provides[ CITATION Ehr08 l 1033 ].The general outlook andthe visualsatisfactions for ads that would be aired on the social mediaplatforms have a greater effect on how well the message would bereceived by the customers. Cultural beliefs hold a bigger percentageof what many people believe in and what they respect for their dietand also conforming to their faith. The adverts are, therefore,supposed to remain within brackets that do not breach any of thetaboos of the market populations. Marketability, expansiveness, andavailability are critical when it comes to selling of products withina given community of environment[ CITATION Mar16 l 1033 ].It has to take a serious and respected personality to ensure thatwhoever launches the advert is not a pervert or rather an individualwho would have negative reputation in the society since he or shewill fail the ads.In the context of A&ampW burger firm, we analyze their advertisementand how well they suit within the society regarding social andcultural beliefs.

TheA&ampW burgers is a hailed snack within the American culture, and itprepared with essential dietary foodstuff that is believed to be ofsignificance to the human health in the proper ratio and with littleprecarious health impacts. In the preparations, it is composed ofbeef patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion,pickles, papa sauce and a lightly butter-toasted bun. The bun isapproximated to be about one-third of a pound in weight. Some nationsare finding the fat consumption in the fast food chains such asMcDonalds very high, and thus taxation is being levied. It is toensure that they are regulated which will consequently help to reducethe fat consumption inIndia for instance,it will also assist to curb the populations’ fat health relateddiseases such as Atherosclerosis and obesity[ CITATION Lae16 l 1033 ].This has not been a similar complaint about the A&ampW burgers sincetheir proportionshave been well regulated, and thus it has made them win the hearts oftheir customers with a continuous customer-doctor interaction thatalso help them to evade putting their clients into allergic foodcompromises. The standardization of the food quality has helped themstay top and competitive in the market.

Inthe advertisement, the guise of the burger from the A&ampW suppliesis a well-branded product since the chefs can make a mark of the A&ampWtrademark on the burger itself with the use of the ingredients thatare pulled together to make the snack. In some of the products, wealso find the one with smoked bacon and beef which give a verynutritious and balanced diet stand. In the advert, we see that it istheir worker who presents it and also carries around the sampleswhich are tasted and complemented by the consumers. For instance, thefoodstuff was praised for being very fresh and sweet which is alwaysa characteristic of food to be enjoyed by any consumer. Its videoalso shows the slaughter method used in the acquaintance of the beef,the kind of animals and the sanitary conditions of the places usedfor preparation. It is said that many believe by seeing and thus,they pulled down the video of the slaughter process to confirm it tothe esteemed customers. In most nations, there is always the animals’protection Act and from the advert, we can see that killing theanimal for beef has been well put to honor all the requiredregulations and standards.

Dueto some mystical beliefs, some people may reject to serve some kindsof food for the connections reasons they have with specific animalsin the context. Some people may value the cattle used for beef aspets and thus would not always want to see them killed forconsumption purposes which would discourage them from using theproducts. A&ampW commercials are taking care of such instancesthroughout the advert. Similarly, cultural backgrounds are adamant inthe human race and life it has to be noted that, individualcommunities around the globe have different cultural beliefs aboutsome animals and thus emphasizes different philosophies on them. It,therefore, does not sound upright for them when the animals arekilled. That would consequently work against the sales of the productin that environment despite having some consumers. For instance, nosocial media would want to air such an advert in the Indian societyfor whatever price offered due to their cultural beliefs. The A&ampWwould, therefore, resort to availing products that aresociety-friendly to make sales through understanding and respectingthe cultures. In some other instances, Muslims would never take pork,and that would be imperative to look into when seeking a market forsuch products.

Insummary, the A&ampW commercial has strategized itself well in theAmerican market since it can meet a wider variety of consumers whoseek their products and in return, they appreciate the burgers plusthe other foods offered. The burger firm has thus been a threat inthe business market for others such as Pizza and KFCs, which hasprompted them to improve their states of products and servicesoffered to satiate the customers.


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