ANNE BRADSTREET (1612-1672) 3

AnneBradstreet (1612-1672)

AnneBradstreet (1612-1672)

AnnBradstreet is an America Poet, who has written numerous poems thatremain contemporary in the current American society. The poem chosenfor the purpose of the analysis is poem number 2. It talks ofBradstreet wishing her granddaughter a farewell after the occurrenceof death. Bradstreet is feeling remorseful for the loss of hergrandchild. The common theme conveyed in Bradstreet’s poem is thetheme of love. She expressed deep love to her family members. She wassudden by the loss of her grandchildren.

Bradstreetfurther communicated her profound sense of love via the poem throughthe choice of words. For example, her inner feelings of love towardsher late granddaughter are reflected by the use of words likefarewell sweet babe and flower. The word flower and sweet babe aresome examples of figurative language utilized by the author toemphasize her idea and also capture the attention of the audience(Bradstreet, 2012).The Bradstreet inner conflict is expressed in thepoem and is based on her remorsefulness for the loss of hergrandchild. She felt that the death of her grandchild was immaturebecause she young.

However,due to lack of option, Bradstreet wished her goodbye farewell. Sheused the word lent to show that the life of grandchildren was stolensuch and lamented that the child was not given adequate time to live.She believes that though her granddaughter had died, she will remainalive in the eternal place. Bradstreet argued that the death of hergrand child was not as a result of fate but rather it was as a resultof God plans. It was not possible to reverse the death situation butto abide with it (Bradstreet, 2012).


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