APStyle Writing

Story1: Car slumps into Fresno gas station

Accordingto Fresno police, a car ran into a gas pump along Blackstone Ave. inCentral Fresno. The impact ignited the pump and the fire destroyed a2000 ford truck belonging to 44-year-old Brad Avery who managed toget out of the way unhurt.

A3-year-old boy inside the car experienced minor injuries and wastaken to hospital. According to the police, Destine Shonia, thedriver of the car, said that her car swerved off the road after shewas disrupted then her brakes failed.

However,Fresno police confirmed that she was driving with a suspended licensewithout insurance and the car brakes were functional.

Story2: Fresno air pollution control crisis

SanJoaquin Valley APCD is considering a ban due to the rising pollutionfrom wood burning fires. This comes after Fresno City Council votedin favor of regulation of banning fireplaces in new homes in the cityon Jan. 7.

Theoutcome of the vote (5-2) directed Fresno City Attorney to draft theorder.

However,critics of the proposed regulation argue that it will duplicate theproposed limitation by the Air Pollution Control District and it willcost the city a huge sum of money, expected to be around$5,000-$10,000.

Story3: Fairfax’s reactions to government legislation

Aresolution opposing U.S Gov legislation that violates people’scivil rights has received support from a considerable number ofpeople. This happened in a meeting held in Fairfax Town organized bythe town council.

Inattendance was Daniel Ellsberg, a former analyst in the DefenseDepartment, who also spoke in favor of the resolution.

Over100 people attended the meeting and the Town council cast a 4-1 votethat passed the resolution.

Theresolution holds that Fairfax does not support the implementation ofexecutive orders seeking to limit freedom of speech and allowoperations such as secret military tribunals that infringe onpeople’s rights.

Ellsbergis said to have leaked the Pentagon papers to the NY Times in thelate 1960’s. According to him, the current law invades the rightsthat protected him during the leak. “The Patriot Act wipes out therights I enjoyed,” he said.