Iam writing to request an appeal of my academic dismissal fromDalhousie University. Before my dismissal, I was studying commerce.Last semester, I was registered for twelve credits. However, thereare two courses I did not pass. I was eventually dismissed fromuniversity at the end of the 2015 winter semester. Dismissal fromuniversity is something I did not expect. Soon after, I realized thatI had come too far to give up on my dreams. I had already spent morethan two years at the university so there was no possible way I wasgoing to give up on my studies. At this point, I acknowledged thefact that returning to school was the only option to redeem myself. Iwant to be part of the great minds that manage internationaleconomies and returning to class is the only path to attaining thisdream.

Therewere many factors that contributed to my failure in these courses.Nevertheless, I can confidently state that the greatest contributorwas my attitude towards education. All the other causes were carvedout of a negative academic attitude. Because of this attitude, Ilacked the motivation to set education as my top most priority. As aresult, I did not allocate enough time to my classwork. I did not payattention to my studies because I was always busy co-managing aChinese Club. My friend and I started a partnership where we arrangedto take over the management of Mahjong Club.

Aswe all know, the management of a club is physically and mentallyinvolving. Therefore, I used to spend most of my out-of-school timeat the club. As a result, I started to lose grip of my studiesbecause the time I had set aside for my classwork kept decreasing. Itdid not take long before I started arriving late at school because Ihad not slept well after a long night at the club. Sleeping in classbecame a sport as I was always exhausted. Task deadlines flew bybecause my mind was preoccupied by other things. I even lacked thetime to study for my exams!

Inthe event of managing Mahjong Club, I made a new friend thatintroduced me to the computer gaming world. After playing many games,I liked the League of Legends mostly. Being a relatively new conceptto me, I quickly got hooked on computer gaming. Before I realized, Ihad already developed a new destructive hobby. The little time Iinitially allocated for my studies was now being “eaten up” mynew “hobby.” As a result, my sleeping cycle was interfered withbecause I was sleeping for fewer hours than before.

Outof exhaustion, I started missing school a fact that can be confirmedby our class’ attendance sheets. I can recall days where I couldskip lectures to go play computer games with the friend I met in theclub. Accordingly, my studies were negatively affected because I wascompletely off-course in matters related to my studies. I essentiallyhad no study time let alone time to visit the library. I remembernot handing in some assignments, convinced that I would pass withoutthe assignment marks. That plan failed terribly!

Ontop of these external influences, there are personal issues thatcontributed to my poor academic performance. I am a Chinese student.Despite the fact that I have learned English at the CLLC languageschool, I have problems communicating with other students in class.Just like any new learner, I had anxiety consulting my classmateswhenever I had problems in classroom tasks. I was also afraid ofconsulting my instructors because for some reasons, I was notconfident with my communication in English. This affected me becauseit made me anxious whenever we had a number of days before handing ina class assignment for the reason that I would not confirm therightness of my assignments with my classmates.

Owingto this consulting anxiety, I had difficulties interpreting taskrequirements as well as the marking and grading criteria. For thisreason, I did not complete my assignments in accordance to therequirements. Scrutinizing this chain of events, it becomes apparentthat I had too much time to do other things apart from studying. Ihad time to manage a club, play games overnight but had no time tostudy for my exams! I had no time to do my assignments well, go tothe library for a group discussion or consult my classmates andinstructors. Clearly, my greatest problem was time management! I hadno time for my studies because it was not among my top priorities.

Hopingto return to school in September, there are many things I willchange. First and foremost, I will change my attitude towardseducation. The source of my problems is that I have a negativeattitude towards learning which drives me into allocating littletime to my studies. Therefore, the key to my improvement lies inprioritizing my studies and managing my time. Creating time for mystudies means more time to do assignments. More study time meansvising the library regularly. Alternatively, managing my time meansdoing less of what was disrupting me in the first place.

Toimprove on my studies, I have decided to reduce the time I spend inmanaging the club. To this effect, I have already hired four peopleto take over my management responsibilities. This achieved, I willhave created time to complete my classroom assignments. Additionally,I will have created time to study for my examinations. To recovermore study time, I have decided to quit playing computer games.Instead, I have decided to engage in more healthy recreational sportslike swimming, playing basketball, or any other physically engagingactivities. To tell the truth, engaging in these activities willprovide many benefits to my learning process. First, joining a sportsclub will assist me fight the anxiety that overwhelms me whencommunicating in English. On account of the frequent interaction withother students, I will be better placed to improve my English.

Havinggained confidence from interacting with my fellow students in theseteams, I will fight the anxiety that negatively affects my classwork.Bolder, I will be in a better position to consult with my classmatesand instructors on any academic problems I may come across in class.Actually, I noticed that many students in my class have similarproblems. Therefore, I am of the opinion that forming a teacher’sconsultative group that will act as a pool of knowledge for studentsthat might need academic guidance will help students like me.Students experiencing problems can consult with this group to havetheir issues sorted. Moreover, engaging in mentally and physicallyinteractive activities will offer me more health benefits comparedto sitting in front of a computer screen for hours.

Evidently,all these changes I am willing to implement are bent on making me abetter individual. I am aware that to make all these changes happenI must have a master plan. Therefore, I will develop a time table formy daily activities, with academics being the central element. Myshort term plan will be to pass my COMM 1720 and COMM 2202 courses,after which I will pursue my long term plan of securing a well-payingfinancial job. I am an individual that believes in personaldevelopment, so achieving a passing score in these courses will bringmy dreams closer.

Iam confident that allocating enough time for my studies is theultimate treatment. I might have lost track along the way, but I amnow ready to change course. I am confident that resuming my classeswill definitely make me a better person in each and every aspectbecause I have experienced the repercussions of not concentrating inmy schoolwork. I hereby enlist my appeal to lift my dismissal fromDalhousie University because I will not misuse yet another God givenopportunity to change my life forever. With Dalhousie’s degreecertification, I am sure that I will produce a lifelong impact on theworld. As the age old saying goes: oncebitten, twice shy.I am desperate to get back to class and I hope you will consider myappeal to re-admit me it will change my life forever.