ApplicationCollege Essay

I am Juliano Heqimaj, and I believe that the Borough of ManhattanCommunity College (BMCC) in New York has achieved the academicexcellence and also has a rich cultural heritage. Right from January2016 when I graduated from high school I had expectations of joiningthe college since it will provide a right place where I will exploremy goals. Getting a chance in the August intake will be a positivestep towards shaping my career. More importantly, the high schooleducation was not the final step in my academic journey since I needthe knowledge and skills that will ensure I have all the requiredqualifications in the job market. Based on such factors, I believethat BMCC will provide a platform where I will access the knowledgeneeded in shaping my future. I love traveling and that aspect hasbeen helpful in acquiring more knowledge and ideas. The adventurouspart in traveling has influenced the need to learn more and also toseek more education hence, my decision to move to BMCC.

I believe that the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is anotable institution that has nurtured various scholars in the past. Iknow that attending the school will provide a wide range ofeducational facilities that will shape my future. More importantly,the academic structures provide the students with vast materials thatare all helpful in the academic journey (Janks, 2014). The ultramodern library, the qualified lecturers, and the peaceful environmentare some of the elements that make the institution stand out amongthe many colleges in New York. I believe that I will benefit from theacademic resources offered by the institution that has shaped somesuccessful people in the past.

BMCC has student body that has a group of enlightened people that areall chasing one common goal. In fact, the surrounding often plays aninstrumental role in the success of a student. Given that BMCC has anenvironment consisting of a group of focused students, I believe thatI will have a higher chance of succeeding and reaching my goals as astudent. The high graduation rate in BMCC is another aspect that hasinfluenced my decision into joining the college. I believe that thesetting will push me into working way beyond my abilities because Iwill access advanced facilities to act as a map guide in my academicjourney as well. In fact, the college has built a reputation in thevarious corporations in New York and that means that the chances ofgetting a job will be higher.

The location also played a major role since it has been able toassemble nearly all the races and ethnicities from all over theworld. The rich cultural heritage provides an environment wherestudents can interact and exchange knowledge. Besides that, differentethnicities tend to thrive in various aspects in the academic field,and that will provide an opportunity to acquire the experience neededto sharpen my academic skills. Apart from the academic aspect, Ibelieve that the college has multiple extracurricular activities thatwill be helpful in my well-being too. The activities will also beinfluential in my personal growth and the mental changes in general.I will access the various clubs that the college has and decide whichones align with my ideals as a person. I will even participate in theathletics that will be helpful in maintaining my fitness. In fact,the physical fitness is one aspect that ensures one remains healthyand free from any serious illnesses. All in all, I believe that BMCCis perfect place where I will thrive academically, physically andmentally too.


Janks, H. (2014). Critical Literacy`s Ongoing Importance forEducation. Journal of Adolescent &amp Adult Literacy, 57(5),349-356.