Thearticle is a reflection of what happens in real life situation whereinnocent people are convicted wrongly. Typically, authors useddifferent writing techniques to keep their work as simple andunderstandable as possible. However, currently, many authors fail touse essential writing techniques thus making their work boring hencemaking it necessary to provide critical analysis of the writingskills employed by Pamela in this article which include: flashback,letters and symbols, and conflictingcharacter trains to determine the author’s writing strengths andweakness.

Inany written material, useof symbolismandlettersis important as it enables the author to explain his or emotionstoward a certain character and also assist in taking the reader’smind outside the article. Symbols allow the writer to mention somethings indirectly hence making it easier for the reader to form animage in his/her mind for clear understanding of the piece of thework. Pamela extensively employed the use of symbolism. For example,the writer states ‘engagement ring and wedding band were lying inplain sight on the nightstand’ which symbolizes the last night thatthey would spend together. Similarly, at the beginning of thearticle, Michael wrote a letter to the judge pleading for mercy andnot to be separated with his son. The style was used successful as itcaptures the mind of the reader through the feeling of sympathytowards the protagonist.

Contrastingpersonality provide the readers with the opportunity to judge andtake side in any written material. Here, Christine was social whileMichael was unsocial as he could not interact freely with hisneighbors compared to her wife. Significantly, conflicting charactertraits helped to foresee a blurred future of Michael and her wife.The author successfully used this technique to prove how people withdifferent traits can play unique roles in an article.

Manywriters find it hard to give account of all the events which tookplace in a story. Use of flashback enables authors to bring in anoccasion which had been happened earlier and there was no opportunityto give details about it. When correctly used, the author successfulshifts the minds of readers from on scene to another. Herethe author narrated about the murder scenario and Michaels’ life inprison, then all of sudden she takes us back to the beginning of thestory. It is at this stage we learnt that Christine was a socialwoman since she actively interacted freely with her neighbors.


Tosum up, correct use of writing techniques make reading of aparticular work enjoyable thus drawing the full attention of thereader. Calloff employed variety of skills when writing this articlewhich makes it easy and simple to understand. At the end she canbring different character traits of major characters and symbolismthat reflected what happened in their future.


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