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Beavers areusually known as wetland engineers. They built their habitats usingenvironmental materials such as trees by creating dams and lodges.Beavers cause a destruction of the environment as they fall trees soas to enforce their safety. Occasionally, farmers get into conflictwith these animals since they destroy lands while building theirhomes. For instance, the case scenario where beavers destroyed 20acres of land filled with corn through flooding it, resulted in aloss on the farmer thus precipitating the conflict.

Some of thepossible solutions that could be employed to curb the beaver /farmerconflict can be categorized into chemical and cultural methods. Anexample of a cultural method is the use of fences to secure andprevent beavers from accessing the crops, dams, culverts and smallponds.

Chemicalmethods could be used to reduce beaver’s infestation, somechemicals such as reproductive inhibitors could be used to preventbeaver’s procreation thus reducing the conflict. Also, toxicantsand fumigants could be used to kill both the North American andEurasian beavers in their burrows (In Kirby, 2015).

The use offrightening agents and repellants could also be employed in curbingthe beaver/farmer conflict. Farmers could also apply the use of trapssuch as Conibear types of traps, live traps, and leg holds traps withan aim of reducing the existing conflict (In Kirby, 2015).

Anothermethod that could be used to control the beaver/farmer conflict isthe use of firearms. The method can be applied where beaver dams getremoved, den entrances get exposed, and ponds inhabited by theseanimals lowered thus exposing the Beavers (In Kirby, 2015). Traineddogs can be used to flush beavers from their banks and lodges thusenabling farmers to shoot them and in the process controlling theexisting conflict.


In Kirby, K. J. (2015). Europe`s changing woods and forests: Fromwildwood to cultural landscapes.