Jobhopping refers to a situation whereby employees keep on changingtheir jobs within a very short period like two months. Employees dojob hopping mainly because of the changes in the structure of theworkplaces (Eargle 54). Job hopping has advantages and disadvantages.


Employeescan learn new skills in different fields. It does not matter whethera person is changing a job to a different profession or same field,but the chances of acquiring new skills are high. Besides, jobhopping helps in broadening a person’s expertise as well asacquiring new knowledge (Eargle 58).

Job-hoppinghelps in breaking monotony because job hoppers usually get a breakfrom the normal routine thus becoming passionate about their work andlife. Also, job hoppers meet new acquaintances who add up to theirsocial contacts.

Furthermore,job hopping helps employees to find out better opportunities whichcan increase their earnings. Job hoppers are always on the lookoutfor better avenues which can help them in realizing their potentials(Eargle 59).


Benefitsof Having Experiences in Different Cultural Environment

Experiencesin different cultural environment increase the value of employees topotential employers. Potential employers prefer to hire personnel whocan be involved in different multicultural activities, especiallywhen a company is a global enterprise (Guffey and Dana 48).

Also,working in a different environment helps employees in learning newcultures and different ways of doing things. This helps employees inhaving a peaceful co-existence with their co-workers because theyunderstand each other’s cultures.

Workingin a company with people from different cultures can help inincreasing creativity and insights. Inventiveness and insights arelikely to blossom in an atmosphere with people having dissimilarperspectives and diverse ideas.


Importanceof Communication Skills in Workplaces

Workplacecommunication helps in increasing the overall productivity ofemployees. Those employees who have climbed the ladder to the topmanagement are believed to be effective communicators.

Goodcommunication skills help in making employees satisfied with theirwork. Employees get satisfied when the management listens to them andgives back its feedback. Also, employees appreciate a lot wheninformation flows smoothly from the top management. For example,workers feel happy when their proposals have been acted upon (Guffeyand Dana 66).

Communicationskills help in managing issues of adversities. Good communication isbelieved to minimize barriers that may arise as a result of languagebarriers in multinational companies which employ people fromdifferent cultures.

Goodcommunication skills are very important especially to companies thathave gone global. Managers and employees should be aware of words,phrases or terms that they use but can be offensive when used inother cultures.

Besides,valuable communication skills assist in building a strong team work(Guffey and Dana 74). Through effective communication, employees cantrust each other as well as minimizing any confusion or pointlessrivalry that may exist between departments.


Rolesof Legal Teams for Big Companies

Legalteams ensure that companies conform to the inner and peripheralregulations and laws. For instance, the retail team in Amazon isresponsible for ensuring that the right procedure is followed whenretailing goods from a particular outlet to the warehouse. Serverbusiness team ensures that the third party sellers sell goods thatmeet the required standards. The operations team informs all thedepartments of the up-and-coming lawful issues in terms of businessoperations. The digital team is responsible for ensuring that thecopyrights of Amazon are protected and advising the company on thetool that it requires. Also, the corporate team highlights the socialresponsibilities that Amazon should implement. The facilities team ischarged with the maintenance of equipment in the company and ensuringsafe working conditions. Besides, the HR team is the one thatrecruits employees as well as managing human resources. AWS teamprovides Amazon with the apparatus and services that can propel itssuccess forward while Amazon’s payment team is supposed to developpayments that can be made through the web.


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