BusinessPlan Part 1: for Cookies Café


Cookiescafé have a vision for providing customers with an excellentcombination of food at a customer friendly price together with funpackages. The company will be the ultimate answer to the everincreasing demand for fast food which the customers will consume asthey do window shopping and after shopping in a mall. In the currentcompetitive environment, it is very hard to clearly differentiate onefast food joint from another. Our main vision hence is to create anew outlet located near a highly crowded shopping mall, preferably aprominent shopping mall in town. In this business plan, the creatorshave suggested a location to launch the business.

Cookiescafé will encourage youth to come along with their friends andfamilies by enticing them using creative environment, freshingredients, and unique styles of serving the customers. The companywill also develop a unique brand that will give its customers a newexperience. The company will strive to be a major fast food joint inthe locality. Lastly, the company would want its customers toexperience something new and interesting.

Need forNew Products and services

Cookiescafé will introduce some new products into the market apart from theusual food provided in other fast food joints. The company hasanalyzed the market and discovered that there is a need for some newproducts and services into the market and, therefore, will introducea new type of fries to the market such as fries made from banana,sandwiches and a number of new blend sauces. New services that willbe introduced by the company will include offering their servicesdaily from 9 am to 9 pm. The company will also feature a uniqueselection of meals in every two weeks.

Overviewof the Market

In thelocality, the expenses on fast food have steadily risen in the recentpast.

Althoughthere has been an increase of new entrants to the market, the fastfood industry is yet to reach high levels. The sector has witnessed asignificant increase in the number of outlets including fancybakeries, restaurants and fast food franchises. The amount of moneybeing spent by all the consumers in the area above 55% of the totalconsumer expenditure and also more in spent on recreation andleisure.

Anotheraspect of the market that is quite appealing is the high number ofour main target consumers who enjoys going out particularly duringweekends. In the area, a high number of young people who arecurrently studying in either colleges or high school enjoy activitiessuch as window shopping and mall going during the weekend will be ourprimary target market. Another target of our company will befamilies, especially young families who frequent the malls duringweekends. Lastly, Cookies Café will seek to provide a place ofsnacks, leisure and recreational activities to the middle class whowould otherwise lack such a place.

Themain concept of Cookies Café will be appeal to a wide market thathas a craving for fast food. According to various studies done in thearea, more than half of the population interviewed in the area liketo consume fast food. Almost 90 % of the people interviewed admittedthat they like fast food.

Ourmain target market will be the youth. This is due to the fact thatthe youth participate actively in sporting activities when they arein school, and as they leave their schools, they will be likely tovisit a fast food joint before going to their homes.

Oursecondary target will be the working class. This is because most ofthe people in the working class category like to visit the shoppingmall. The shopping mall will be frequented by both the working classand those who are seeking for jobs.

Anothermarket for our company will be the tourists. Areas around d the mallare sometimes visited by tourists and, therefore, a fast food jointin the locality will be a necessity. Cookies Café will hence caterto the tourists who visit the area.


At first,Cookies Fries will launch a branch in the surrounding area to testthe market. Opening up a branch will allow the company to test themarket and attract the first customers. This outlet will also helpthe company as a model which will guide the company in opening upbranches in the future. The company will then proceed to launch themain branch near the shopping mall.

CookiesFries will then market its products and services through the use oflocal media and mainstream media. Apart from using the media, thecompany will also market its products and services through the localstores and outlets. The company will use a lively and fun environmentto market itself to the consumers.

The companywill price its products and services on an average price as comparedto its competitors in the market. Cookies Fries will chargecustomers an average price so as to serve the majority of youths. Thecompany will also make use of a number of marketing programs toincrease the awareness of its products and services. One of thesemarketing programs that will be adopted by the company is oralmarketing and use of local stores. This is because they arerelatively cheaper and more effective in crowded places.


Our studyon the market and competition revealed that, depending on the time ofthe year, the industry experiences either positive or negativeimpacts. We, therefore, deemed it relevant that providing productsand services will depend on the time of the year. This trend appearsto be consistent and thus, our company can achieve growth only if ittailors it services in line with the changing demands of theconsumers.

Whereasthere is a bit of viability and stability in the café’s market,the market can be quite unpredictable at times as it is seasonal,sensitive to pricing and also dependent on tourist influx to thearea. We also found that new entrants to the market will absorb anumber of middle class and the working class.

Thefeedback from the consumers who was introduced to Cookies Café’sproducts and services during the testing period in the first branchof the company shows that the levels of the usage of the products andservices were relatively lower than the ones which had been projectedby the company. This shows that a great effort will be needed inmarketing to both remove the negative perception from the minds ofthe consumers and to build a good image of the company’s brand inthe consumers. For instance, the company could use the attractiveimages of the company’s products.

Anotherthing that was considered during the feasibility study is the pricingof the company’s products and services. The public’s sensitivityto the pricing of goods and services of a company will make thecompany to considerate in its pricing of products and services

Our studyalso showed that the company has a number of strengths and weaknessesof the company. Strengths of our company will be its positive image,extensive products and services, and a high number human traffic. Theweaknesses or roadblocks of the company will include consumers, whoare very sensitive to the pricing, and unstable market.

Ourvisibility study also shows that there are a number of competitionsof Cookies Café and, therefore, the company must diversify itsproducts and services as well as come up with new and unique brandsthat will set them above the rest of the company’s.


CookiesCafé will definitely grow, diversify, and build its brand. Thecurrent state of the market, the high influx of students and parentsshows that the area market of the company is going to improve. Otherfactors such as tourists will also contribute to the growth of thecompany.

Based onthe feasibility study, we have projected that the Cookies Café willbe able to capture up to 80% of the consumers in the shopping mall oneach day. These projection shows that the company will be a goodventure.We have also projected that the new company will be able tocapture at least 80 % of the total students’ population in the areadue to its strategic location. This category will consist of highschool students, college students and university students.

Inconclusion, it is clear from the foregoing that the startup will be aworthwhile venture, the projection of the number of consumers thatcan be served on a day by Cookies Café are enough to justify thefuture financial conditions of the company.


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