CareerGoal Persuasive Essay

CareerGoal Persuasive Essay

Themodern world is business oriented as organizations focus on expandingtheir presence in terms of products and service delivery. It is notsurprising that most students today are fighting for a chance tostudy in reputable institutions and most importantly take businessoriented courses. Among business courses that have gained popularityin the recent decade is business and management. Although it is noteasy to know the exact number of people taking business management asa course, it is very clear that this is one of the most commoncourses in institutions of higher learning across the globe. Thereare varied reasons why people are taking business and management, andbeing one of these people, I have my reasons as well. I am focused onbecoming a reputable business mogul in the world. In this essay, Iwill describe in depth my career objectives in business management.

Employerstoday are looking for innovative individuals with fresh ideas thatcan revolutionize the way a company runs on a daily basis. Most ofthe time we have admired the works of great managers like the Applegenius the late Steve Jobs andthe current CEO of the billion dollar global brand-Google SundarPichai, yet we do not understand what drives them to such greatheights. One thing that we are sure of is that they are businessmanagers and their management skills are the reason for the successof their business.

Itis encouraging to learn that over 75 percent of graduates in businessmanagement are absorbed into the job market (Prospects, 2016). Thereis a wide range of field in which a student with a businessmanagement major can work in including marketing, sales, humanresource, insurance underwriters, corporate investment banker,management consultants, product manager, operational researcher tomention a few (Prospects, 2016). It therefore means that, majoring inbusiness management offers a wide base of knowledge required to runand manage a successful business.

Personally,I am not looking for an employment. My passion to major in businessmanagement is inherent to the fact that I am focused on establishingmy own salon business. I believe that with the knowledge that will beacquired in this course and my experience in hair business, I will beable to grow a business empire in the hair and beauty industry. Myplan is to have a chain of hair salons nationwide. I understand thatthis is not an easy task and therefore require deep knowledge onvarious management aspects including project management, humanresource management, system analysis, financial management amongother skills (Prospects, 2016). No doubt, majoring in businessmanagement will be the right tool for executing my career objectives.With hard work and dedication, I am planning to have my first shopbefore I attain the age of 25 years. I intend to measure my successwith those of other reputable global business leaders like Steve Jobsof Apple Inc, Michael Zuckerberg of Facebook, Zev Siegl of Starbucks,Raymond Albert of the giant food chain McDonalds, to mention a few. Iintend to do all it partakes to accomplish my dreams and join thelist of great names in the business world.


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