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Caringfor Populations: Milestone1: Community Windshield Survey Form

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1. Introduction of Community (20 points)

Identify the city and state of your community and briefly describe the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting but must include a residential area. Demographic data are not needed.

Prince George’s County, MA.

Prince George’s County is recognized as the most affluent majority-black county in the U.S. (Prince George’s County Historical Society, 2016). It is located close to Washington, D.C. Consequently, it has many government facilities. For example, the United States Census Bureau is headquartered in Prince George’s county. Also, the area hosts the Joint Base Andrews and one military airbase. The county has a population exceeding 800,000 (Prince George’s County, 2016). In this regard, it is the second-most populous county in the state. The county’s headquarters are situated at Upper Marlboro (Prince George’s County, 2016). Besides, the county has people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds. Notably, the region has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade through the establishment of more hospitals, restaurants, and retail stores.

2. Windshield Survey (75 points)

a. Vitality: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the community vitality.

The western side of the county has the highest number of pedestrians and motor vehicles. Granted, there are more vehicles than pedestrians. The most popular places in the county seem to be the P.G. Plaza, Andrews AFB, and Laurel’s Patuxent Square (Prince George’s County, 2016). Driving around the Boulevard at the Capital Centre presents the best way to survey the county. Blacks are the most common inhabitants in the region. The socioeconomic status ranges from middle to upper class. Also, the average age ranges from 35 to 45 years. Most people seem to be well-dressed. However, there are a few homeless persons. Besides, there were neither drunk persons nor individuals intoxicated by drugs. Sadly, the majority of the population was obese. There were very few pregnant women and even fewer mothers with toddlers.

b. Indicators of social and economic conditions: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social and economic conditions.

Most homesteads are well-maintained and have decent compounds. The county is mostly made up of mansions and residential apartments. In addition, some gated communities have been set up with advanced forms of security. The county has a transportation service that covers the southern, central, northern, and rural areas (Prince George’s County, 2016). Taxis are rarely utilized due to the high number of personal cars. Nevertheless, the commuter service provides transportation to county citizens as they travel between places of employment, schools, and hospitals. Fast food restaurants line the streets. Furthermore, the county has several retail stores and shopping malls. Numerous advertisements of job opportunities can be spotted on public boards. Commendably, no children can be spotted on the pavements during regular school hours. However, the county is plagued by the redistricting and consolidation of schools.

c. Health Resources: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the health resources.

The county has an abundance of health care facilities offering pediatrician, dental, orthopedic, gynecological, and dental services. Numerous clinics have been set up to provide prenatal and postnatal services to pregnant women. In addition, family planning centers exist along with other screening services. Health care is affordable for many low-income families. In this regard, Medicaid and Medicare plans have been fully integrated into the health care system (Prince George’s County, 2016). The county also has emergency centers to attend to traumatic events. However, there seems to be relatively few programs designed for the homeless. There are also only a handful of shelters to cater for abuse victims. The same deficiencies exist for citizens battling with mental health and addiction issues. AA programs are understated.

d. Environmental conditions related to health: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the environmental conditions.

The area has few instances of air and water pollution. Therefore, underground water sources are clean and reliable. The drainage system is also well-structured such that the pipeline operates smoothly. Food is sold in proper, closed restaurants to avoid aerial contaminants (Nies &amp McEwen, 2015). The area has no encroachments into animal habitats while the roads are replete with traffic signs to ensure safety.

e. Social functioning: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social functioning.

Social problems such as gang activity and drug abuse are few and far between. People in the county are friendly and welcoming. Citizens use community outreach programs to show generosity and create a positive impact. Many families rely on the support from both parents.

f. Attitude toward healthcare: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the attitudes toward healthcare.

There is a general appreciative attitude towards the health care facilities in the county. This can be deduced from the lack of centers for alternative and herbal medicine. The majority of the residents have taken up health insurance to reduce the costs of receiving treatment (Prince George’s County, 2016).

3. Vulnerable population (20 points) Describe a vulnerable population or aggregate that you identified during your survey. What did you observe about this group such as their appearance and actions?

Victims of physical and sexual abuse are vulnerable in the community since there are few clinics that provide shelter. Also, mental health patients suffer aplenty since some deranged individuals could be seen sprawling on the sidewalks.

4. Conclusion (20 points)

Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion. What potential problems did you identify?

Prince George’s County has a diversified population living within an affluent neighborhood. The prevalent issues in the community include obesity and the neglect of abuse victims. Mental health patients also receive incompetent care due to limited facilities.

5. References:

References are not

required for this survey: If you used references, they must be listed in APA format. If you include any references here, you must also include an in-text citation (author, year) in the body of the form.

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