Chapter9: Descriptive Response Essay

Afterstudying Chapter 9 of the class text entitled, “Strategies forSuccessful Writing,” I found out how valuable descriptive writingwas in the successful process of drafting an essay. When readingthrough the chapter, I got to understand helpful tips, some of whichI discuss in this response. Therefore, this paper will provide aresponse to the information found in Chapter 9 of the class text anda video on descriptive writing.

Thechapter helped me understand that the principal objective ofdescriptive writing was to define the noun that one is writing aboutin a manner that the person reading it would get a clear picture inhis/her mind. From the time I enrolled in my class, I never knew thesignificance of descriptive writing until after reading chapter 9. Ihold the thought that descriptive writing makes one want to read moreabout a given subject or noun. I am a visual character, and wheneverI read a book, I am fascinated when the author paints a vivid pictureof the events in the story and creates a feeling of participation inme. Regardless of whether I am reading a book, a brochure, or aletter, I usually get bored when the text has no descriptive writingor dialogue in it. In such a case, whenever I am done, I always feelas if I have no idea of what I was reading.

Thechapter has helped me understand the context of descriptive writingthereby igniting a passion in me to anticipate for more research workcovering this area. Part of the information in the chapter that Iagreed with regarded sensory impressions, which plays a critical rolein descriptive writing. According to Reinking and Osten (160),comparisons need to be accurate and familiar, and if not, the pointis regarded as lost. Reading chapter 9 allowed me to examine themusic available in the present time, which also has descriptivewriting in them. I am equally of the opinion that music withoutdescriptive writing should be labeled as boring.

Concerningthe video on descriptive writing, I was fascinated by the way thewoman was organized and felt that it was a magnificent idea to usethe index cards in keeping track when writing an essay. The narratorsounded like the one on forensic files, and the video had a uniquepower to capture the attention of the viewer.

Inconclusion, I feel descriptive writing is an imperative part of anyessay. It requires an individual to pay close attention to detail andemploy a better part of his/her imagination.

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