ChemicalEngineering Product




Toothpasteis an outstanding product from the field of chemical engineeringbecause it is among the top varieties of fast-selling consumer goods.It helps eliminate plaque as well as other films of bacteria thatform on gums and teeth. It assists in fighting gum infections andtooth decay. The fluoride content helps inhibit tooth degeneration bystrengthening enamel (Yamane&amp Morisita, 2000). Toothpaste is the best product for this project because everyonearound the world uses it on a daily basis.


Thetarget market for toothpaste is expansive. It is used by people whoare concerned about dental care. It allows this group of individualsto whiten and protect their teeth. Additionally, toothpaste targetspeople with sensitive teeth and those who desire relatively cheapermeans of dental repair. The comparative non-complexity in themanufacturing process allows toothpaste to satisfy the needs of theprice conscious populations as well as those who live on limitedsalaries (Yamane&amp Morisita, 2000).

Whereit is manufactured

Toothpasteis partly made locally and partly imported. Within the U.S., majordealers of the product are located in Morristown Tennessee. Besides,the farms are responsible for almost all the American-based dentalcare goods. Additionally, Mexico accounts for some toothpastevarieties. Externally, the product comes from Asia and the MiddleEast (Yamane&amp Morisita, 2000).


First,the ingredients are weighed to ensure accuracy in proportions beforethey are placed in the mixing chambers. The humidity and temperatureof the blend are monitored closely. Secondly, the compound is filledin tubes and passed under vacuum blowers to confirm hygiene. The stephelps in the removal of dust particles. Lastly, the tubes are sealedand code stamped before being packaged and shipped (Yamane&amp Morisita, 2000).


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