Child play Video observation

For the purposes of this assignment, the play activity under analysishappens between 4:09 and 4:13 (Help Me Grow, 2016). The play involvesa group of children playing together and learning to share resources.The child in this play activity is participating in play rather thanexploring it. In this case, children want to be part of the grouphence their participation.

The developmental stage of play at this time stamp is the cooperativestage. At this stage, children are organized into playgroups.Children take interest in their play items as well as the people theyare playing with. It is common for these groups to have leaders whodictate what play activities the other members should engage in.

The most prevalent gross motor skill within the time stamp is weightshift. The children, using giant spoons, move play material from onepart of the bucket to the other. The children also exercise theirbalancing act when they try to reach out for material at the far endof the plastic container. Stability is a fine motor skill in thisplay activity. I could see some children try to stand on their toesin order to have better access to the material. Despite the extendedposture, they were able to remain stable.

The environment influences this play activity. The availability ofplay material attracted the children to play. The presence of otherchildren in the vicinity also contributed to the group play activity.

In this video, play is used a means to an outcome in this particularvideo. The primary message is that if parents allow their toddlersenough playtimes, the outcome will be better development for thechild.


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