CivilRights and Liberties

CivilRights and Liberties

Theworld has witnessed people fight for their freedom with zeal andblood. Countless are the times when soldiers fight and die to protecttheir country’s rights and liberties. Regardless of the establishedrights and freedoms dictated by the constitution, a controversialquestion regards whether the need for national security conflict withour personal rights. The law protects the interests of all the peoplein the society (Sajid Anwar, 2012). It provides both protective andcritical guidelines that dictate the expected mode of conduct in thesociety. However, national security is defined as the process wherethe government in conjunction with the parliament, formulatesmeasures to protect its citizens from all kinds of national crises.

Formulatedmeasures may include individual power projections that have beenidentified to conflict with the people`s personal rights. Anillustration of an instance where national security supersedes thecivil rights and liberties is in the dialogue between Amanda and Dr.Ryan. Dr. Ryan describes the Patriotic Act that was passed byCongress a month after the 911 attack in America (Sajid Anwar, 2012).The court granted the Federal prosecutors the permission to tap phonecalls, the internet, and voice mails in a matter of nationalsecurity. This presents a conflict between the Rights to Privacy anddomestic security.

Asa terrorism suspect, an individual is deprived of some rightsregardless of the constitution. As Dr. Ryan states, a matter ofnational security is always treated as a particular case. In suchsituations, the government may need to violate some rights andliberties of citizens. However, the court is usually obliged tosupport such cases. The court provides search orders to allow thesecurity personnel do their job (Sajid Anwar, 2012). Therefore, theneed for national security usually conflict with an individual’scivil rights and liberties in a number of instances.


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