Compareand Contrast Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy

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Compareand Contrast Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy.

TheAndy Griffith show resembles that of I Love Lucy in some ways. Theirthemes seem to be similar in that, while the main character, Andy, inthe Andy Griffith show, meets a young “modern girl” Ellie andfalls for her, Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy show has a wife, Lucy.Both ladies seem to have character traits that are in contrast withtheir lover’s. For instance, Andy is upset by Elli’s insistenceon following rules while Lucy tries to help Ricky but trouble followssuite with Ricky messing up. Their lovers have the impression ofkeeping them in check but in both scenes, the characters arewell-dignified people who enjoy much attention. Andy is a sheriffwhile Ellie is a pharmacist, a prestigious position for a woman tohold in that period. Ricky and Lucy were show celebrities working ina studio.

Thesettings of the show are however different. The Andy Griffith show’ssetting is in Mayberry during the 1960s while that of I Love Lucy isin New York around 1950s. Both revolve around the lives of youngcouples and their interactions with other people. The two ladies inthe shows, Lucy and Ellie, have both worked to defy the limits ofpatriarchy in their time. They are all achievers. They have bothdefied their husbands’ wishes to control them. Both Andy and Rickywere not famous at having partners at work. When he faced a deaththreat from Luke Comstock, Andy decided to face him alone despite hisdeputy’s swearing to protect him. On the other hand, Ricky wouldnot let Lucy be a performer. He could have quickly helped her getinto the entertainment business, yet he never did he only used herfor his purposes such as getting coached for increase salaryinterview which he still failed miserably.

TheAndy Griffith show has a dark tone. It presents a series ofunfortunate events as they unfold. Even though Andy meets Ellie andthey fall for each other, Ellie is portrayed as just another womanwho has come to corrupt the character. Luke then comes in and withhim threats on Andy’s life. Andy is even forced to send Aunt Beaand Opie from home for their safety. Further, he decides to face Lukealone.

Onthe other hand, I Love Lucy show has a sarcastic mood. Lucy tries todo many things in trying to help out her husband, but he ends upmessing up. For instance, when she tries to coach him on how to askfor a salary increase he ends up failing to get it and even riskslosing his job. Even after Lucy develops a master plan to save herhusband’s sinking career, he still ends up in a mess. Despite allthese efforts that she makes, her husband does not assist her toenter the industry. He wants her to be a homemaker so that they canhave a normal life once he goes back home but she does not settle forthat.

Bothshows make use of straightforward and clear plots that make the kindof life these characters live easily understandable. They clearlyportray the nature of the characters, therefore, giving the audienceenough information to know the tendencies and behavior of thecharacters. The Andy Griffith show, however, put its focus on Andy asthe subject while all the rest including Ellie are categorized asminor characters. The story seems to revolve only around Andy thusimposing many limitations on the plot. On the other hand, I Love Lucyshow revolves around two main characters Lucy and Ricky. It makes theplot of the show seem more interesting, and the fact that severalother characters are sharing the spotlight makes the show to seemmore realistic.

Thecharacters in I Love Lucy show have a higher level of interactionwith each other. The show does not appear to be heroic but of astruggle where all the people are trying to make an impact. The AndyGriffith show centers on one main character with other relativelydetached characters coming to play. Weaknesses of other charactersare clearly or maliciously exposed, and it makes them seem objectiveto the show. Andy, on the other hand, plays a prominent role inundermining the rest of the characters. He prefers to work alone anddoes not like involving other people in his affairs despite themadvancing their help. It makes the show to seem like a heroic one.

Bothshows have a quick pace. Scenes change after very short periods. Inthe Andy Griffith show, we experience a rapid shift from hisencounter with Ellie then we encounter her aunt and Opie, all theway to Luke, and finally we encounter Ernest. The succession ofevents in I Loves Lucy begins from watching television and quicklyunfolds to when Ricky asks for a salary.