ComplexRegional Pain Syndrome

ComplexRegional Pain Syndrome

ComplexRegional Pain Syndrome is a chronic disease which results in severepain, swelling and changes in the color and texture of the skin. Thesymptoms are mild, affecting the limbs (arms and legs) at the onsetof the disease but exacerbate as it progresses. The primary criterionfor diagnosis is the analysis of the pain. The hurting is usuallyspontaneous and inconsistent with the magnitude of the stimuli.Differential diagnosis involves determining whether the pain islimited to a particular peripheral nerve, and the likelihood of edemaor other conditions (Borchers &amp Gershwin, 2014). Advanced medicaltechnologies that can also be used include electromyography, nerveconduction studies and radiography. Additionally, there are specifictests that are used to identify the different stages of developmentand CRPS subtypes (Harden, et al., 2013).

Acombination of methods, which includes medications and therapies, areused in the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Occupationaltherapy is the ideal approach that is used in functional restoration.It includes both assessment and treatment interventions. Assessmentinvolves the evaluation of the extent to which functionalities areaffected by the condition. It forms the basis of the treatmenttherapies, which focused on specific objectives such as normalizingsensation, stress loading and enhancing functional use. They can becomplemented with physical therapies and rehabilitations as well asdrug treatments (Harden, et al., 2013). Some of the commonmedications include anti-inflammatory, COX-inhibitors andantidepressant drugs. Surgical procedures like spinal cordstimulators are also viable solutions. It is recommended that due tothe debilitating pain and possibility of disability associated withthe illness, intervention should be immediate. Changes in lifestyleshould support these programs, for example, cessation of smoking(Carr et al., 2016).


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