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Responsibilityis one of the key terms that almost all children and adolescents hearfrom their parents as they grow up. In most cases, the termresponsibility is used to refer to one’s duty to do or take controlover certain things. Therefore, the concept of being a responsiblehuman being means that one is obliged to carry out or omit certainactions for which one can be held accountable (Bivins 19). Actionsfor which an individual can be held responsible are many and includethose that affect personal life, other people, and the environment.

Isubscribe to Thomas Edison’s school of thought in which the successor failure of all people lies in their hands. Edison stated, “Ihave not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”,which implies that success is based on one’s commitment to learnfrom failures (Cole 1). Therefore, the only two things I feelresponsible for in life include success and failure. I believe thatmy success in everything I do comes from my ability to apply thenecessary skills while failure results from the lack of willingnessto learn from the previous disappointments.

Additionally,I believe in the existence of the supernatural powers that determinelife and death. I have never felt responsible for being able to wakeup in the morning with enough energy to engage in activities of dailyliving. My faith and the definition of the term “responsibility”are founded on the premises that everything, apart from matters ofdeath and life, is determined by human actions and inactions. Forexample, the ability to lead a fulfilling life in the future isdetermined by the present decisions that lead to the adoption of ahealthy lifestyle. However, these decisions cannot certainlyinfluence the length of life, since there are other factors (such asaccidents and diseases) that are not related to lifestyle.

Mysubscription to the idea of existence of supernatural powers and thetheory of creation has led me to believe that human beings werecreated to take care of the universe. My idea of being responsiblegoes beyond school and family in that, I believe that I have a roleto play in making the world a better place for all living things,which I accomplish by reducing environmental pollution. Although Ihave not been able to engage in environmental protection initiativesin a large scale, being able to dispose garbage in the right placehelps me feel that I have played my role. Apart from deliveringhealth care to patients, I purpose to research on strategies that canresult in a more effective and safe disposal of waste (includingdrugs, detergents, and human tissues) that is collected fromhospitals. This is because hospitals produce one of the most commontypes of hazardous waste in the world.

Apartfrom being sensitive to environmental issues and referring thesupernatural powers, two things that I take seriously in life includerelationships and education. I hold the opinion that humans aresocial beings that are only able to lead a fulfilling life bynetworking and sharing life experiences with others. Education, onthe other hand, is a tool that helps people achieve their goals inlife and live according to the purpose for which they were created.For example, the process of becoming a successful nurse calls forcollaboration with other nurses as well as scholars in the field ofhealth care and skills that I will acquire from the nursing educationprograms.

Inconclusion, every person is responsible for issues that affectedpersonal life, other people, and the environment. The sense ofresponsibility helps people to make the right choices and avoidconflicting with the inner-self, the society, and the nature.


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