At a personal level, I considermyself a free spirit, I love nature and traveling. Notably, there hasbeen a lot of changes in my life that I would attribute to myintimacy with nature in the recent times. It is amazing to see howbeautiful and perfect earth is. I believe that I am a blessed personto have the ability to see, feel, smell, walk, and run. When I amoutside taking a walk at the park, and I can see the colors, theplants, the trees, I see life. I see creative spirits in every kidthat touches the grass and ground and plays with it. The world isendowed with so much art that impacts my inner being in many ways.

Everytime I go on a weekend hike, it is always an opportune time thinkindependently. It creates space to forget about every little thingthat is bothering me, gives me the time to appreciate why I am here,to think about where I want to see myself in a few years. Ideally, itis always an opportunity of self-discovery and rediscovering of mylife purpose. Week two “Awakening” talk about freedom. When I amout on a hike, away from the cars, the smoke, work, I feel freedom.It reminds me that I am a person with wants, with goals, andopportunities. I am free to take those opportunities to become who Iwant to become.

Whenhiking I believe in a way am also soaring to higher heightsinherently. There are times where I cannot see through the clouds andI believe that because the future is also unknown. The time spentwith nature seeks to help me find an answer to what my next stepsshould be and how I should plan to make each step. At times, I cannotfind a clear answer, but it makes me see things with calm and in amore strategic way.

Weekfour touches on the Abyss. This chapter helped me become moreself-aware of myself. It also made me aware of how important is forme to take time with my family and take a minute to live. I am abeliever that weekends should be dedicated to your family or simplyto relax and get ready for the new week. That is exactly what I tryto do when I visit a new place, or I take a new adventure. Release mystress to get ready for another week.

Whatdid you learn from doing this activity?

Ifound out that often we get too busy with life, kids, family, work,and we forget about ourselves. We forget about what makes us happy,what brings our creativity out and makes us feel like we are alive.

Whatrisks did you take?

Iam a believer that if you do not take the risk in life, you certainlywill not win. Often we do not believe we are creative people becausewe have not taken the chance to risk to see what we can do. Until wedo not step out of the dark cloud to see what we are capable ofdoing, we will not know.