CriticalThinking in Clinical Setting

CriticalThinking in Clinical Setting

Post1: Critical Thinking and Clinical Competence for the Expert NurseScholar

Howdoes poor critical thinking approach during treatment define thecompetence of an expert nurse scholar?

Accordingto Noreen Facione and Peter Facione, judgment in clinical settingregarding treatment, diagnosis and patient evaluation is intricatedue to the volatile parameters of each presented problem (2008).Making decisions in clinical setting is facilitated by andintegration of mind habits and strong critical thinking skills.Critical thinking enhances excellence in expert’s judgment. I agreewith the post that critical thinking skills are built upon thealready acquired knowledge and continue to develop beyondinterventions and outcomes. I agree that nurses require higherjudgment and reasoning skills when making decisions that affectpatients’ lives. As a result, asking questions and research shouldbe adopted as a way of enhancing critical thinking because anexpert’s overconfidence in clinical reason can result in faultydecisions (Facione &amp Facione, 2008).


Whatare the core aspectsto reflect upon when taking care of patients?

Nurseshandle many patients who at times have similar symptoms but varyingor similar ailments. As a result nurses are at risk of makingdominant conclusions or decisions based on eliminations, which maypose great risks to patients (Facione&amp Facione, 2008).Before treating a patient, the nurse should know all the patient`ssymptoms by asking questions, critically interpreting them andlooking at other factors like frequency, duration and severity of thesymptoms (Facione&amp Facione, 2008).I agree with the post that nurses handle many patients and process alot of data at one time. Nurses have to look at the bigger picturewhen evaluating symptoms. As a result, critical thinking is mandatoryin the growth of knowledge and metacognition. I believe that constantengagement in reflective exercise contributes to high criticalthinking skills required in the contemporary nursing landscape.


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