CrossSectional Anatomy


CrossSectional Anatomy

Whyit is Important for Sonographers to Understand Cross SectionalAnatomy

Agood understanding of structures and relationships between them frommore than one angle enables sonographers to develop an impression ofthe actual sections. Scientifically, the brain of a person becomesenhanced by colors, complexity as well as images. In other words, themind of a sonographer will thrive after perceiving the bodily partsin both color and 3D. Similarly, their brain will begin to receive acontinuous flow of prompts from the internalized structures andshapes. Sonographers will spontaneously perceive cases in three axesincluding length, width, and depth. A sonographer who understandscross-sectional anatomy never stops to think of structures in their3D. The understanding will be completely natural and intuitive inthem. As a result, a proper comprehension of cross sectional anatomymakes sonographers accustomed to various structures of the body andthis increases their level of competence in practice (Swamy &ampSearle, 2012).

How Can Help a Sonographer Produce Quality andComparable Images

Whilethe quality of side images often reduces as the size of the bodyincreases, cross sectional anatomy offers an inclusive andeasy-to-understand strategy to the anatomy of the whole body. Itgives a side-by-side appearance of the actual analytical images thatcan be helpful for various imaging modalities including MRI and CT.The result of a cross sectional anatomy from an analysis may be usedto correlate the ultrasound images. Additionally, the line diagrams,which illustrate planes of anatomy, may help in demonstratingdiagnostic imaging. Precise imageries feature the position andpurpose of the many body parts. A well labeled picture assistssonographers to isolate anatomic arrangements easily in the course ofany clinical exams. More importantly, CT imagining allows doctors toobtain very precise views of particular body parts including bloodvessels and other soft tissues (Swamy &amp Searle, 2012).


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