Cyberbullyingand the First Amendment Description

Inthe current technological and advancement world, the use of socialmedia has expanded beyond the mere call or message services to newerapplications. The changes that have seen the success of these chatroom media are the advancements that have occurred in the smartphoneindustries. These phone companies have enabled the usage of androidand windows applications such as the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,snap chat and many more others provided in the play stores installedin the devices’ operating systems. Facebook among the earliestsocial media apps has been an excellent platform for socialfriendship and communication. On the contrary, malicious individualshave and are still using it as the cyberbullying site where theylaunch hatred information against friends as in our case a where aclassmate has cyberbullied the complainant through her Facebook page.


Manynations are focused on constitutionally establishing the laws oversuch crimes. It faces a lot of difficulties since many laws as formeddo not cover the new developments which come up along the way. It is,therefore, pressurizing the states to ensure they amend thelegislative acts to ensure all the citizens are protected from anyharassments and felons of such acts face jurisdiction over the hatespeech or insults.

Sincethe cyberbullying in schools is taking up a newer course then as theresponsible individual several reactions are needed because it isagainst the law and it can lead the families into court. Therefore,before the matter reaches the parents, the teachers have obligationsto take the following steps below to help the offender and theoffended. The following six steps are agreed by the law in the UnitedStates, and they include supportinthis step, you can individual reassure the student about the care forhis/her feelings. If you are unable to offer the required care, it isadvisable that you direct the student to the parents or rather theschool counselor for help from the psychological torture encountered.

Seekingevidence sincethe information termed as cyber bullying should be presented to avoidany cases of false accusations you should find any form of messagesfrom the student`s Facebook timeline through taking a screenshot forinstance, or printing the exact pages on the social hub website. Inthe issues gets to court, this information is critical for provingthe cyberbullying occurred and the time and was encoded[ CITATION Meg10 l 1033 ].The third step is to informthestudent on how to avoid such malicious individuals from finding heron the network by blocking or altering the security details and alsoreporting the cases online. Fourthly, discourageretaliation fromthe offended student. This would help to make a clear ruling andproper measures be approved since vengeance would make it seem like atwo-way fight that would be disregarded. The fifth step is reporting,andthis should be done to the mobile network and service providers ofthe Facebook customer care center. Finally, the last move is settingguidelines whichwill include school board policies that will ensure the studentsremain within specific user ability limits to avoid the eruption ofsuch cases. Examples of these systems may include Acceptance UsePolicy, Anti-bulling policies and disciplinary and behavior policiesand promotion of ICT misuse sanctions.


Todaythe law has also come up to protect the bullies. The most likely waymost perpetrators would approach it is that every student has a rightto democracy and freedom of honest expression as whatever they do inclass is generally in the efforts to market their ideas and no oneshould encumber them from displaying their thoughts and branding thembullies[ CITATION Meg10 l 1033 ].To handle this issues then the school is obliged to give all the freeideas a chance to be aired by the student for their moral and socialdevelopment.


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