Atthe time I took up the post of a team marketing manager I faced withan increased criticism from the organization’s various departments.It is mainly because the organizational communication was not open,thereby limiting effective communication, but also feedback betweenthe management and the organization`s various publics. Because ofthis, it became extremely hard to understand the different ideologiesand demands of the group. Through this, I was unable to scrutinize oridentify the shortcomings within the organization`s marketingdepartment. As a result, this affected the agency`s generaldecision-making process. In this line, the paper reflects on asituation that I got negative feedback, which affected me a lotrather than how it would have been in the case of positive feedback.

Duringthis time both the external and internal organization, publics weredissatisfied with the company’s generic products and serviceproduction (Opm.Gov,2014),a factor that limited my ability to develop a clear understanding oftheir general needs and demands. However, if I were privileged toreceive department feedback such as the use of workplace survey andautomatic feedback, I would be able to establish an opencommunication system within the department. It would enable me toreceive direct responses from the organization`s various publics,thus enhancing my departmental decision-making process. Through this,I would be not only able to solve the conflict, but also promote goodrelationship and behavior of the organizations publics through mutualrespect. As a result, this would help to support and encourageteamwork within the organization, thereby enhancing flexibility andcompetition among the organization’s various publics. Through theestablishment of development feedback within the department’sworking system the organization’s general performance was able toimprove. It is mainly because of the feedback that I would have beenable to build and enhance the general competence of theorganization’s team. The move would also increase theirunderstanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.


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