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MicrosoftCorporation is our chosen organization for this study. MicrosoftCompany is a multinational technological company based in the UnitedStates of America. The company was established in 1975 by Bill Gates.The company headquarters are in Washington, and its stocks are listedon the NASDAQ and 2015, the company managed to raise a total revenueof 93.58 billion (Microsoft, 2016). The company offers numeroussoftware products to cater diverse needs of their individual andcorporate customers. Some of the products provided by Microsoftinclude

1.Microsoft office windows

2.Skype, servers


4.Visual Studios among other product.

5.Dynamic CRM

InNovember 2014, Microsoft Corporation managed to come up with dynamicCustomer Relationship Management Software (CRM) Software. Thesoftware helps business to build a strong, profitable relationship byallowing clients to freely interact with their respectiveorganization support teams. The software act as an important toolfor marketing, selling and offering virtual services as well asobtaining prompt feedback from the customers. Over the years theMicrosoft has achieved successful growth making it possible toachieve its global presence (Microsoft, 2016).

MicrosoftCorporation has emerged to be among the market leaders in thedevelopment and production of the Dynamic Customer RelationshipManagement Software (CRM) due to the following reasons. Firstly, isthe brand loyalty, customers believe strongly that Microsoft softwareproducts are superior to any other manufacturers. The ability toenter into customers minds and make them believe that they are thebest in the software market has made it possible for Microsoft tohave a brand loyalty. Such loyalty has helped the company to sell itsDynamic CRM software quickly to numerous organizations across theworld. Research shows that the CRM Software has changed the mode ofoperation in many corporations. It has enhanced efficiency, andproductivity in much organization (Wilczyński, &amp Furlong, 2010).

Secondly,Microsoft has robust and efficient distribution channels that havemade them able to distribute its dynamic CRM software to itscorporate customers across the World. The study shows that Microsofthas a strong partnership with major global producers of hardware suchas Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba. Besides, it has strong networklinkages with global retailers which make it easy for the company todistribute its products to customers across the world. Thirdly, itsstrong online presence has helped Microsoft Corporation to emerge asa unique producer of CRM software. The acquisition of Skype was amajor step for the company to achieve global online presence. ThroughSkype, Microsoft was able to reach over three hundred million usersand market its products. Fourthly, Microsoft has unique andhigh-quality software. Prior releasing them into the market,Microsoft test the performance of their software and employ systemthinking to ensure that their products offer their customers with asuperior experience (Wilczyński, &amp Furlong, 2010).

Organizationwork process

Microsoftutilizes system thinking in its organization work process. Theprocess help to ensure that the Dynamic CRM software offeredcustomers meet high quality standards. The process of system thinkingalso contributes to ensuring customers are satisfied such that theycan always come back for more products. After developing softwarethe company carries out prior system testing. The testing process maytake between one to four years depending on the complexity thepurpose in which the software is meant for. There are five main stepsthat Microsoft involves when testing its software before releasingthem officially into the market. Those steps include planning andcontrol, design and analysis, implantations and software execution,evaluation of exit criteria and closing the testing operation. Duringplanning and control phase, the risk and the scope of testing isdetermined. Besides, the strategies that are going to be utilizedduring the testing process are clearly defined. Also, the peopleinvolved in software testing are involved. During the planning andcontrol phase, the top management and senior software engineers areinvolved (Wilczyński, &amp Furlong, 2010).

Designand analysis entail forming the fundamental basis of the informationneeded to know whether the software will be effective. The conditionsfor testing are identified and documented. Besides, the viability ofthe test and system requirements is also assessed. During systemimplementation and execution, the set test conditions are put intopractice. The Information Technology and computer software engineersare involved in this phase. They help to determine whether thesoftware is working correctly or not so that necessary amendment canbe made. If the software is working properly, it is implemented, andthe criteria for evaluation exit are adhered As well as activityclosure is done. The software may be released into the market, andusers may be trained on how they can use the software to carry outtheir business operations. Besides, Microsoft may provide any supportneeded to ensure that once their customers have acquired the softwarethey can be able to use it and deliver maximum benefits. The supportis offered online and in case physical support is needed the companymay send their experts (Wilczyński, &amp Furlong, 2010).

Problemor initiative

Microsofthas been facing numerous problems in ensuring that their CRM softwareis operating properly to meet the needs of its corporate customers.Some of the problems associated with the new Dynamic CR softwareinclude application tend to learn slowly, missing DLL files, andhaving abnormal software application behavior. Such problems withDynamic CRM software emerge because the system is still underdevelopment though it is still being used in the market. However, by2019 the system will be sufficiently improved. The problem of havingthe software learning slowly is attributed to the bulkiness of thesystem. The system tends to integrate all operations within theorganization into one platform. Besides, it tends to be used bynumerous people including company staffs, vendors and customers suchhigh traffic may tend to make the system learn slowly. Abnormalapplication behavior occurs when the system that was working properlystop working or hide some application functions (Wilczyński, &ampFurlong, 2010).

Systemthinking has been identified as an initiative for improvement of theidentified problems. There are three main steps of system thinkingthat Microsoft utilizes when coming up with Dynamic CRM softwarenamely management of the system, system design and global designingof the system. System management, in this case, entails regulatingthe inputs and output process to ensure that the final product meetsand exceeds the needs of its users. Microsoft Corporation carries outsystem management. The aim of carrying out this process is to ensurethat during and after the process of developing the Dynamic CRMsoftware users’ needs are adequately addressed. During the process,the company experts determine the type of hardware required toinstall the system and ensure there is efficient performance.Besides, the experts carry out software installations and continuouscarryout monitor so as to identify any loops that may arise. In casethe loops are identified, the measure may be put in place to improvethe functionality of the CRM software. Another important step ofsystem thinking utilized by Microsoft Corporation when developingtheir CRM software is system design. System design is carried out toensure that the operation of the CRM software is optimized such thatthe end users can be able to receive value for their money investedin purchasing the software. System design helps to eliminate softwarebreakdown and ensure that the operation performed by the system arelearning correctly (Wilczyński, &amp Furlong, 2010).

Recommendationfor improvement

Itis recommended that the Microsoft should install other supportivesoftware within the Dynamic CRM that may help the system to eliminateslow speed and enhance efficiency. Also, the company should recommendits customers on the specific features of the hardware that theDynamic CRM system may require performing efficiently. The problem ofmissing DLL files can also be addressed by removing the damaged DLLfiles and create more space for installation of other DLL files. Itis recommended that proper antivirus and firewalls be installed toremove the of abnormal application behavior with the Dynamic CRMsoftware. The antivirus and firewalls may help to block malicioussites and files that may compromise the performance of the CRMsystem.


Dueto the high dynamism and increased competition, Microsoft corporationshould carry out continuous improvements of its Dynamic CRM software.The company should continuously employ system think to carry outnecessary software development. The application of system thinkingwill help to improve the performance of the system and ensure thatthe company retains the existing customers by providing them withsoftware solutions that meet and exceeds their needs.

CausalLoop Diagram

Microsoftshould also utilize the occasional growth loop in its system thinkingprocess. The loop may help the company identify areas of improvementand also help in the proper allocation of resources because itindicates the casual relationship of each activity as well as theimpact it has on the system (Bellinger, 2010).

Source(Rees, 2016).


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