DevelopingEffective Organizations


DevelopingEffective Organizations


VistaValley Country Club remains as one of the largely known country clubdestinations within the area of North County. The Country Club enjoyserene environment given that the area boasts of the mountainousneighborhood, has green rolling hills and also has iconic andbreathtaking views (Vista Valley, n.d).

Theclubhouse is surrounded by elegance and beauty, an aspect that Vistapulls off easily. The clubhouse lies in an area that occupiesapproximately 39,000 square foot. The owners of the clubhouse, Terriand John are known to like the place so much given the treasures thatare bestowed in the area. Every year, as the duo carry out theirannual pilgrimages to France, they get a spectacular view of thecourse and the surrounding countryside, which ultimately creates anold world-charming feel. Vista Valley Country Club remains a perfectplace for every other person right from retirees to families giventhat they offer almost every other service that is needed by thisgroup of individuals. The Club offers spa services, a state of theart fitness center and a mouthwatering cuisine. The golf course, alsoknown as the Championship Golf Course boasts of having stunningmountain views iconic water features something that stands out andremains a challenge for most golfers of all levels. Despite theiconic features and the ambiance of the surrounding, Vista ValleyCountry Club has had a reduction in its membership. One of the thingsthat are attributed to reduced membership is the recession that hitthe area hence making standards of living very high. This paper willmainly concentrate on the means and ways through which membership ofthe club can be boosted given that there has been reduction in theclub members.

Overthe years, private club industry has changed, and the changes areattributed to social and financial reasons. Having the best strategyis a strategy a differentiating factor in the highly competitiveindustry. To ensure financial stability, clubs have to strategizeproperly. Part of their strategies is ensuring that they have theright club facilities and amenities that are desired by members.Vista Valley Country Club has for a long time been desired and likedby many given that amenities are superb. Nonetheless, increasedcompetition levels have progressively shaped the industry, and theclub needs to adopt better strategies to boost its membership andultimately boost its income. Since time immemorial, the currentmembers are always encouraged to get other members who are eitherpeers or business associates. However, in the technological world,this old method is no longer adopted. Currently, membership fee forclubs have reduced and for private clubs like Vista Valley to remainsuccessful there is a need for them to adopt new approaches to getnew members while retaining the old members.

Throughthe application of System Thinking, the study will help ensure thatthe initiative is made efficient and easy as possible. Systemsthinking refer to a conceptual framework, the body of knowledge andthe different tools that have been developed in the last five decadesto make the full patterns clearer and ensure that individuals clearlysee them (Senge, 1990). The three steps of System thinking include:

  1. System Management

  2. System Design

  3. Global System Design


Whenadopting the changes to the initiative, several measures are put inplace and the different variables required are considered. Some ofthe variables required include:

  1. Rate of initiation fee (dollars)

  2. Diversity in membership (number of individuals of different backgrounds)

  3. Number of singles (percentage)

  4. Fitness facilities (Number)

  5. Cost Cutting to staffs (dollars)

Whenmaking the changes to the initiative, Vista Valley Country Club willadopt it for 3 months and take note of the outcomes or results.


Systemmanagement refers to the situation when there are optimization andregulation and of inputs of processes. In system management, theinputs, in this case, are members. The club will employ the bestmechanics to ensure that there is an optimal number of members whileat the same time regulate the number to ensure that optimal servicesare provided to the members.

Theclub will employ diversity as a way of getting more members to theclub. Different ethnicities and lifestyles exist today that thecountry club will have to incorporate. Incorporating the members,Vista Valley Country Club looks past the gender, ethnicity, race andlifestyle restrictions when taking up members. For a long time, theclub has had restrictions on the members, something that has to bechanged given the changes that are in the society as well. In thepast, few traditional White Anglo-Saxton Protestant families wouldafford the country club membership. This has changed today, and thusthe club needs to make the necessary adjustments.


Thisprocess refers to making the requisite changes through rearrangementsor replacement of tools to ensure that the processes are efficient.One of the ways of making the club be efficient and have more membersis to reduce the initiation fee. For every other club, the initiationfee is a requirement for one to be a member. Initiation fee to join aclub ranges from $0 to $150,000. In most cases, initiation feetogether with the monthly or annual membership fee is a deterrent tomost people who consider joining clubs. Notably, to ensure that thereis efficacy in the system, the club can consider reducing theinitiation fee or scrapping it all the same. Alternatively, the clubcan also consider reducing the monthly or annual membership dues.

Theother approach to initiation fee that Vista will consider in itssystem is spreading of the fee over a period, preferably, five years.A member is given up to 5 years to pay a membership fee of $25,000,and this means that a member will only be paying $5,000 every year.This is affordable and can be encouraging to the new members to joinas well as a way of retaining the current members for 5 years. Someof the tools critical when making the adjustments include Time seriesstudies or trend, the video that captures the necessary steps amongothers. While carrying out this process, appropriate financial toolswill be used to assess the viability of the changes. Some of thetools to be used include Rate of Return, Profitability, and ROI.


Globaldesign refers to the integration of the facility with the communityat large. The community needs social places to interact and relax andhaving the right changes will make Vista Valley Country Club an idealplace for individuals.


Toensure improved number of members, the club has the opportunity ofincluding all the members of the society without discriminating on anindividual. The club can be culturally diverse and eliminate anyissue of gender discrepancy. Having such changes ensures that theclub enjoys increased productivity.


Owingto the changes in lifestyles and increased competition, Vista Valleyhas to improve its processes and the ability to respond to thedynamic needs of the clientele. Application of systems thinking willmake Vista Valley a leader in the private club industry.

CausalLoop Diagram

Througha combination of Lean Manufacturing tools with Systems ThinkingCasual Loop Diagram, the organization will realize improvement in thequality of services, reduce the delays in the systems (Causal LoopDiagrams n.d). Having the changes will ensure that Vista Valley hasmore members and realize increased revenue generation.


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