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Amongmembers of a family who are patients undergoing the diagnosticprocedures, does the standard care, listening to comedy audio tapesor calming music make any difference in the reduction of the anxietyreported.

PICOElements in the question





Among members of a family who are patients undergoing the diagnostic procedures

does the standard care

listening to comedy audio tapes or calming music

make any difference in the reduction of the anxiety reported.

Itis imperative for the clinicians to use evidence-based researchpractices. Using such PICO research questions as I have formulatedabove can be helpful in decision making. The first step offormulating the question is determining the type of question, this isknowing the background of the problem, the second and final stage isensuring that the question has the PICO components (Canberra , 2016).

Importanceof this question

Thesolutions to anxiety reduction and treatment have been a majorchallenge in my clinical work. This particular issue will be highlyhelpful in determining whether listening to comedy audio tapes orexcellent music records can help in reduction of anxiety. Thisparticular research question allows comparison of alternative optionsthat can be used in stress reductions as a standard care option.

Consideringthe number of family members, the results of the research study willprovide enough information on the condition. Having sufficient dataand information from the results will allow clinitians to be able todetermine which of the methods will be effective for the care,reduction and treatment of anxiety (Canberra , 2016).


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