Discussionon Inequality and Poverty

Theconsequences of social inequality have negative effects to theeconomic and social sectors of the society. The consequences reducethe quality of education, health, politics, religions and familylife. These effects have negative impacts to the people living inpoor neighborhoods. For this reason, there is need of coming up withmethods that help reduce the impacts of these consequences. The firstideal community based project would to bring together the people inpoor neighborhoods with the intentions of advocating for asustainable financial project. People from poor communities may cometogether and form specific working groups with the intentions ofpooling resources and developing a viable income generating project.This is an ideal way of creating both employment opportunities inthese poor neighborhoods as well as an ideal way of guaranteeingincome.

However,there are notable barriers to this noble proposal that need to bechecked and addressed for it to work. The first main challenge is therisk of uncooperative individuals in the community who are notwilling to take part in the program. It is important to note thatsuch a proposal requires full participation from all members of thepoor communities. This is because they are the main recipients of thebenefits that come as result of achieved goals. In addition, there isa risk of going loses in business ventures that these groups may comeup with. The risk is even more since the program is fully funded fromthe pooled resources amongst the groups. If such risks happen, thepoor communities are likely to suffer more financially.

Ibelieve this is an ideal social and economic intervention that willbe effective in reducing inequality and poverty in the long run. Themain cause of social inequality is economic and financialcapabilities that are determined by the level of income or employmentstate. Therefore, establishing community based groups who have cometogether to raise their economic standards will not only be selfsustaining but will also help reduce stratifications in the society.