1. A typicalolder adult is one whose skin and features show signs of aging andweakness. For example, the skin may be pale and wrinkled. The mannerof walking may be slow and pained. Also, the body posture may becharacterized by a humped back. In most instances, older adults haveweakened eyesight and hearing.

2. At 80 yearsold, I imagine myself as living alone and doing everything formyself. Although my grandchildren may visit me regularly to check onmy well-being, I intend to remain active and upbeat. I would delightin my daily routine while recognizing my limitations. Therefore, Iwould neither complain nor be distressed about the things I fail toachieve.

3. The mostbeautiful aspect of being older is the wealth of knowledge andexperience gained throughout the tumultuous events of life. I will beable to reflect on the choices I made and the benefits andconsequences resulting from those decisions. As an older person, Iwill enjoy watching my son as he matures into a fine, young man.

4. At the moment,I engage in various activities that are sure to prolong my life andensure healthy aging. For example, I eat a healthy, balanced dietdevoid of fatty foods. I also have regular morning runs accompaniedby weekly sessions at the gym. Furthermore, I avoid harmful habitssuch as smoking. Moreover, I have frequent doctor checkups to ensureearly detection of conditions and illnesses.

5. Granted, I have various fears regarding my aging. For example, Idread that I may lack the physical strength to walk. I also fear theprospect of having to enroll into a nursing home to live out theremainder of my days. In addition, I am mortified by the thought ofhaving wrinkles on my face and freckles on my skin.

6. Some of theelder people that have aged successfully possess particularcharacteristics. For example, they eat healthy foods. In this regard,they avoid processed food items. They also remain active by havingdaily walks around their neighborhood. Most importantly, they have apositive outlook towards life.

7. As an olderperson, I would have made drastic changes in my physical, behavioral,social, and spiritual traits. For example, my strength willdefinitely reduce. Nevertheless, I envision myself as more maturehaving lived for so long. I would also be more spiritual inrecognition of the nearness of death. Despite my limitations, I hopeI will remain social and approachable to my family and friends.