EducationPlan on Health

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Education plan on Maternal,Infant, and Child Health

Oneof the objectives of Healthy people 2020 under the topic maternal,infant and child health is to reduce low birth weight. Larson Halfon2010 stipulates that the wellbeing of women and the children is apositive indicator of a healthy future of the society and projects toa healthy economy and workforce. It is important to develop aneducational framework that aims at informing the society on thevarious aspects concerning their family health (Larson K, Russ SA,Crall JJ, et al. 2008).

Thefirst stage of the plan is meant to induce or trigger problemrecognition process. Data collected from the local maternity hospitalcan help identify the problem. This data gives relevance to thestated objective by confirming or rejecting the existence of theproblem. The society needs to understand the problem if it exists. Itcan be done through civic education for the adults (Larson K, RussSA, Crall JJ, et al. 2008). This process would help to identify avariety of conditions leading to concerning health patterns such aslow birth weight.

Thesecond stage of learning entails a detailed analysis of the problemsdefined in the first stage. The stage triggers the process ofunderstanding through analyzing the different factors leading to lowbirth weight. Some factors influencing low birth weight includesocial determinants such as access to health and poverty, physicaldeterminants such as age and preconception health status (Larson K,Halfon N 2010). It is important to teach the society members whathabits and practices common among them contribute to the condition.It would help them to know what they ought to do (Larson K, Russ SA,Crall JJ, et al. 2008).

Thethird stage of learning is the application of gathered information.It involves detailed interpretation of information and procedureswhere people start practicing what they learned. It also includes theassessment of the process for instance if there are positive changesin the data collected in the local maternity hospital. The stageincludes discussion on the challenges encountered and feasiblesolutions. Using this education plan, it is possible to bring aboutpositive change in the society.


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