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To:All Office Supervisors

From:Assistant Human Resource Manager

Cc:Miriam Hopkins

Date:July 13, 2016


Sexual harassment and unlawfuldiscrimination are critical issues, which have existed within thepublic domain, and in our organization, for a very long time.Following the rising cases of these two subjects, management hasproposed to organize a two-hour seminar for a comprehensivediscussion and holistic analysis of these issues. In this effect, aprofessional trainer from Wydade Consulting Services will facilitatethe seminar discussion.

The seminar is scheduled forOctober 15, 2016. It is projected to commence at 2.00 PM, and thevenue will be the conference room. At the conference room, everyonewill be supplied with a notebook, pens, and any needs arising subjectto the seminar. A fifteen minutes break will be taken, during whichrefreshments will be provided. In addition, the break is meant togive time for framing questions concerning the subject (Iacone &ampBrandon, 2013). You are also advised to do some research on the sameso that should there be any area of query or misunderstanding, youwill have a chance to air it out for clarity.

During the seminar period, it isadvisable that you delegate your duties to your assistants so thatthe normal operations of the hospital are not interrupted. You arealso requested to alert management of any urgent event, which may baryou from attending, before the said date. Therefore, everyone isrequested by management to plan to attend in order to help inlearning and gaining insights of the best ways of dealing with thesevices.

With constant consultations, Ibelieve we will keep in touch and help keep the good image of ourinstitution as we deliver the best and quality services to thepublic. For any clarification, please contact me at[email protected]


Hello Sir,

I hope you are doing great andthat this e-mail finds you well. As the assistant human resourcesmanager, I have been given the task to organize a two-hour seminar,which will take place three months from today that is the main basisof this email on behalf of Boradworth General Hospital. Following thegood relation that exists between our institutions, our organizationhas resolved to seek for a trainerfrom your reputable firm.

I have included the necessaryconcerning the person we will require to educate our supervisors onthe main topics of discussion, that is, SexualHarassment andUnlawfulDiscriminationin the attached business letter. Please review the business letterand details of the request, respond as soon as possible to allow makethe relevant preparations. Thank you and I look forward to hear fromyou.

Business Letter

Boradworth General Hospital

Human Resource Personnel

P.O. Box

July 13, 2016

Mr. Dittmer


Wydade Consulting Services


Dear Mr. Dittmer

Boradworth General Hospitalmanagement is grateful for the exemplary services your company hasoffered to us for the past 20 years. This is the sole good reason wekeep in touch with you in order to enhance the mutual co-existencebetween these two organizations. Therefore, I hope this letter andinquiry finds you in a better position to assist accordingly.

I am taking this pleasure towrite to inform you of our organization’s need to get a trainerfrom your reputable organization. The trainer is expected tofacilitate a program that we anticipate to take place three monthsfrom today (Iacone &amp Brandon, 2013). We are organizing to have atwo-hour seminar to be conducted at our normal venue, the conferenceroom, on October 15, 2016, from 2 PM. We require the trainer toeducate our departmental supervisors on the topics SexualHarassment andUnlawful Discriminationin our premises.

Under these topics, we would likehim/her to elaborate on the meanings of the two above, conditionsunder which one may be harassed sexually, and the repercussions ofinvolvement in such vices. The trainer will also be required todescribe comprehensively the various types of unlawfuldiscrimination, as well as the effects they cause to the institution.The training resources like notebooks pens and projector will beavailable. Therefore, out organization requests that you supply uswith the trainer’s list of needs concerning on the same.

In addition, we request thatafter agreement the trainer should visit our office to brief us ofany changes or adjustments. You should also provide us with yourterms and conditions in order to help us comply in advance (Iacone &ampBrandon, 2013). I look forward to your quick and positive response toenable us to make adjustments, should any arise. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Assistant Human Resource Manager


Iacone, S. J., &amp Brandon, J.(2013). Write to thepoint: How to communicate in business with style and purpose.Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press.