EnglishWriting Sentences and Paragraphs

EnglishWriting Sentences and Paragraphs


TheAmerican Cancer Society (2016) report shows that about 1.6 millionfresh cancer cases are projected to be diagnosed in the year 2016.The report further indicates that approximately 595, 690 Americansare likely to die of cancer in the year 2016. The figure translatesto about 1630 people dying per day from cancer, making the diseasethe second most common death cause in the U.S. To some people, thesemay just be numbers, but the reality of these statistics is evidentwhen one suffers from or witnesses a family member having thisillness. The events of that evening at the community hospital willremain engraved in my mind for the rest of my life. My grandmother,having been diagnosed with cancer, had been booked for surgery and myfamily, friends, and I filled the waiting room as we watched herwheeled into the surgery room. The night seemed longer than usual,and my imaginations had been captured by thoughts of how simple lifewas and what I wanted to do after high school. Watching mygrandmother go through the pain of cancer and the emotional stressthat was accompanied by the surgery inspired me to pursue a course inthe medical field after high school and later apply for thisposition.



Thereis a job opening at our company, and I am certain that you qualifyfor the post. The company is seeking to employ a personal assistantto the boss and the qualifications for the position are as emailed. Iam aware of your previous working experience as a cashier and salesclerk and confident that the knowledge you gathered is essential forthis job. The company needs an efficient, flexible, self-motivated,and organized individual to fill the position of a personalassistant qualities of which I am sure you possess. I believe thatyour educational background and work experience is a perfect matchfor this position. Please consider sending your application for thisjob to the human resource manager.


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