EqualityPolicies in the U.S

EqualityPolicies in the U.S

Asthe author of the declaration of independence, Thomas Jeffersonbecame famous for the words “all men are created equal.” In fact,many consider him as the father of liberty in America. However, inhis statement, Jefferson did not include blacks. Probably, heintended to mean that all “white men are created equal.” Forexample, the laws he passed did not allow the colored people to voteas well as attend some schools that were intended for the whitestudents only. The policies demonstrate how Jefferson and thefounding fathers did not believe in the equality of the coloredpeople as they deemed them inherently inferior.

Thisstatement could stem a conflict because he always condemned slaveryin theory, but in practice, he did not ensure liberty to them. Duringthe time of writing the Declaration, Jefferson was a slave owner.Apparently, this means by using the word &quotmen” he referred tothe `white men` in America. Therefore, the statement iscontroversial, as it referred to the white men who owned propertiesin America. Apparently, Jefferson did not believe in equality of thewhites and blacks, and this means he had no plans of granting hisblack slaves citizenship status or equality.

Themain misconception that could result from the statement that all menare created equal is that the slaves and the whites should have thesame privileges, including, a black person could have white slaves(U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776). Furthermore, thedeclaration could have led to a conflict between the blacks and thewhites as they sought equality. Furthermore, Jefferson owned over 200slaves by the time of his death. In my view, Jefferson thought thatthe blacks had not legitimate claims to same rights as whites. Ithink he could not envision an integrated society because he was aracist. Therefore, the statement is a tremendous contradiction anddemonstrates his hypocrisy. His subsequent career shows that he didnot view black as &quotmen” and upon his death, he still ownedover 200 slaves despite many of his contemporaries freeing theirs.

TheDeclaration of Independence identified the three natural rights,&quotLife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.&quot However,today not all citizens in America enjoy these rights. Equality isstill elusive as the black community continues to face racialinequality and extra-judicial killings despite the election of ablack president (U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776).


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