Ethicsand Social Responsibility

Thesociety we live in does not give room for good deeds, which Iadvocate. The business models are designed in such a way that theexecutives will answer to the stakeholders of the organization, whilethe managers will answer to the executives. For my case, I feel thatexecutives and managers should focus their responsibilities always todo good to the society. This will give a fulfilling life, happinessand it will even help increase the productivity of a company. Itgives a mutual relationship between the community and theorganization. Behaving ethically can sometimes be unprofitable andcan even lead to losing a job, but the most important thing is tolive a self-fulfilling life. The good relationship builds trust,helps to make sound decisions and creates ties that can lead toprofitability. Working is not always about making profits for theorganization, but it also involves life principles that accommodatedifferent goals in life.

Theexistence of organizations in the society can cause harm, eitherintentionally or unintentionally. When an accident occurs likechemical spill into water, which is a common resource for thecommunity, it is wise that a prompt action should be taken. As amanager, I will make the community aware of the incident andapologize on behalf of the company immediately. The organization isalso part of the community. Thus, it should involve itself in solvingsuch problems if they occur. They should try to make sure that thechemical is completely removed from the water so as save aquatic lifeand to help people use the water for domestic purposes withoutrisking their health. Alternatively, as the organization helps incleaning the water, it should provide other sources of water.

Ido not advocate for different rules for managers and employees. Allthe employees of the organization should be treated equally and giventhe same rules. Setting different rules for employees and managersmay lead to ethical limitation. It may make other employees lessmotivated, and they may feel that they are less useful to theorganization than their senior staff. Employees should only bedifferentiated by their responsibilities, ranks, and remuneration.

Mostpeople believe that good people finish last, but I believe that I amalways at the front because am a good person. Doing good enables thesociety to uphold morals and rids out evil. For instance, generositycan be costly especially if it is at the expense of your personalgoals and interests, but it yields good results in the long run asthe society repays through loyalty. First, it makes you feel goodabout yourself and those you are helping. Secondly, it will invokepeople to help you in the future in case you need it their help.

Allbusinesses are part of the society, but I don’t agree that all thatis good for business is good for the society. Many things that arebeneficial to the business might have a negative impact on thesociety. An example is the escalation of prices in the market, thisis beneficial to the business, but the society will incur a lot ofexpenses, and that will affect their living standards. Anotherinstance is when the organization is polluting the environmentthrough factory fumes, releasing waste into the waters this affectsthe society negatively in the long run. For an organization to ensurethat there is minimal or no pollution, they will have to incur anextra cost, which might lead to little profit. On the other hand, thesociety benefits from goods and services the business is providing.

Beingan employee does not mean that you are a slave. Ethics and moralprinciples should always guide you in discerning what is good andbad. In a case where the boss needs me to falsify anything, I willuse my moral principle that I should always be truthful. The issuemay come at a cost of my job, but I will be proud of myself forkeeping my integrity. Recently, I watched a movie called Courageous,and I saw a man who was asked by his boss to give incorrect recordsof parcels they were receiving. The employee was given time to thinkabout the issue. The following morning he came and told his employerthat he was not going to do what he wants, and guess what, he wasgiven the job as the head of the organization with a huge sum ofremuneration as it turned out that the employer was only testingthis man’s integrity (Kendrick, 2011). Moral lesson, always behonest and keep your integrity there is nothing you lose for beingan honest person. Instead, there is much to gain for upholding thatcharacter.


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