EventAnalysis Paper

GardenBros Circus in Pensacola Fl

Thecircus presents a variety of entertainment, including comedy,acrobatic performances, and food among other provisions. It caters topersons of all ages, both the young and the old, male and female.Everyone has the moment of fun in the circus. The entertainment isusually filled with people from all regions gathering to witness andexperience the acme of pleasure. The Garden Bros Circus hasentertained families throughout North America for over a hundredyears. I attended the Circus with my daughter who was so enthusiasticand excited when we left the house for the circus. When we arrived atthe entrance, I noticed many verbal cues, visual rhetoric, andnonverbal cues. In the analysis, the cues and the rhetoric willadvance an explanation as to how the circus went down and what theparticipants thought of the whole event.


Theverbal cues are actual expressions in talking to communicaterequests, commands, and pleadings. The circus was imbued with verbalcues. There was loud noise from every end, and everyone shouted atthe performances on stage. Beebe and Beebe (2015), says, “Speak tobe understood, and speak with vocal variety to maintain interest.”This cues only proved that people in attendance were having fun andas is said, the workers shouted, “Get your corn-dogs and cottonCandy here.” The little kids ran up and down, chasing after oneanother, yelling at everyone and anything. They must have felt freeand relief from the daily routine. My daughter even met some of herfriends from their school, and she ran shouting to hug and play withthem. “Come one, come all. The popcorn are only made for yourtaste. Buy one and you will want more,” the vendor announced. Theplace was busy with many activities. When I turned, I saw a pettingzoo full of goats, birds, cows, and the camels (Beebe and Beebe,2015). The major scene was that of the elephants that were conductedby their instructors to make moves as though they were dancing. Also,you could never miss on the marvelous performance of the acrobats. Ijust, however, had a problem with the pricing of food stuff, whichwere way overpriced, a bag of popcorn going for six dollars and abottle of water for four dollars. Also, the place was all litteredwith plastic bags as there were very few dust bins. People threw anddropped food remains all over and the place looked pathetic.


Thefacial expressions speak a whole lot of issues when carefullyperceived. Many people communicate their innermost feelings throughthe body language, and someone else would read an array of feelingsfrom disgust, to happiness, to inattentiveness and all, if they paidattention to the nonverbal cues. Beebe and Beebe (2015) stipulate,“You must rely on non verbal cues from the audience to judge howpeople are responding to the message.” At one point I observed awoman grit her teeth in pain because she had knocked her feet on ametallic chair that was beside the path. As I turned to walk to thearena, I spotted a young girl close her eyes and wear a smile as sheleaked her ice cream. Other times, there would be kids jumping up anddown, tugging at their parents’ arms because they wanted theenormous stuffed animals displayed through the circus (Beebe andBeebe, 2015). My daughter asked me to take a photo of her, and whileI did, she poked her tongue out of her mouth to imitate what herfriends had been doing. She certainly wore a bright face. The fun wassoothing, and everybody seemed to ooze life from them.


Thecircus is filled with representations to please the audience. Theatmosphere itself should communicate fun even before activitiescommence. In Beebe and Beebe (2015), it is documented that “everyonein the audience must be able to see your presentation aids clearly.”The environment is dressed with many attractive things to inviteundivided attention to the events. At the entrance, there wereflickering lights, dimming and shining bright like the stars. Mydaughter particularly took a liking for this scene. There also weresigns that were full of bright colors, making them another thing thatcould catch a person’s eye (Beebe and Beebe, 2015). The were hugeplacards, showing the variety of food that was offered at the circus.The pictures enticed many into trying even foods they had never hadbefore. I found myself drinking some juice that was so sweet. I askedand was told it had been made from some fruit that was found in thewild of Texas region. I would like to have that juice again. Mydaughter wooed me into taking her for a horse ride, which she enjoyedso much as she had never been on a horse’s back. One other thingthat I have to say is that this place was crowded and filthy. Theground was dusty and we did not wear the right shoes and our feet gotdirty from the red clay.


Thecircus was real fun, and the activities were satisfying. Some peoplethough felt that Garden Brothers Circus was overpriced for the showwe got, charging every adult 21 dollars. They complained that therewere only two types of animals and that all the toys and snacks wereover priced. Some people, however, had mixed feelings and thoughtmost of the acts were good but others were far less entertaining(Circuset al., 2016).All in all, the animals, the foods, the props, was fun to behold. Ihad a good time at the circus, and my daughter affirmed her enjoymentby requesting me to take her back the next season.


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