Itook my daughter to a circus about three weeks ago after lots ofpleading with her for some time. The garden bros circus in Pensacolawas the chosen entertainment as it was the best according to her. Itwas meant to be an outing between daughter and father which created aperfect bond and memories that are going to last forever. We were soexcited about this particular event as it seemed to be the perfectday out and she enjoyed spending time with her dad which is anunusual feat given that I spend most of my time traveling forbusiness trips to different parts of the world. As stated by Beebeand Beebe (2015), non-verbal communication is a type of communicationinvolving the use of facial expressions, body contact and gestures toput a point across. This was best shown by the big smile and gigglingas she kept swinging her body to show her appreciation for theplanned tour. This paper will look to show the application of verbal,non-verbal and visual communication in relaying messages.

Onthis particular day, the weather was sunny and we opted to put onlight clothing regardless of the weather forecast. It was a day thatwas meant to be filled with ice-cream, chocolate and candy ignoringthe fact that she had previously suffered a toothache. On arrival atthe entrance of the circus, that is when I realized I had not carriedmy wallet with me, but lucky enough I had 30 dollars left.

Afterpaying our entrance fee, I was set back by 10 dollars thanks to thefact that kids do get free entry thus the rest is what was meant tocater for our fun day. The weather was hot, and the place was filthyand smelly since the circus was being hosted at the same place forthe third day running. Moreover, the previous night rains had leftthe area muddy and making matters worse we had opted to put on openshoes, and it did not take long for our feet to get soaked in the redclay. My daughter enjoyed getting dirty as she kept running up anddown from one view to another. We also came across really awfulvendors who kept coming around trying to get us to buy things thatwere super expensive. They were selling a bag of popcorn for sixdollars while a bottle of water was going for four dollars. Candy andice-cream were going at a relatively high price each at a dollar.

Regardlessof how expensive the event was turning, we had chosen to have fun,and I ensured that we enjoyed ourselves. I took her round the arenato catch a glimpse of the animals set to perform. She was so excitedto see them practice for the show, and it got a bit emotional to bothof us since we pitied the animals as they were not in their naturalhomes. However, we could not go further to view all the animals sincewe found a Panther having a signboard restricting further movementssince the performers were still polishing their acts. Beebe and Beebe(2015) calls for use of visual to control the audience as it attractsthe attention to the specific message being relayed. She did nottake long to make friends that no sooner had I left her with them,she joined them running up and down the muddy place but luckily shewas not lost in the mammoth crowd that had attended the event.

Duringthe main show which was held at an open place, we had a beautifulmoment watching tricks involving the jumbos, tigers, and pantherswhich were fascinating for both my little daughter and I. The crowdwas also excited by the tricks, and there was a lot of cheering forthe performers. There were also some terrific performances byacrobats, and they left my daughter screaming in applause. Weaccomplished our mission of taking as much ice-cream and candy beforeshe sheds off her tiny last early teeth. All over sudden our momentof fun suddenly turned into a rainy affair though the sun was stillshining a little and I had to find shelter to cover her. It was atthis place where most of the parents were openly showing discomfortwith the aftermath of the show as it will leave tons of trash behindwhich is fruitless to the environment. Also, there were a lot ofcriticisms that the animals were being treated in a bad way. Dad,this is the most awesome show I have ever attended, my daughterexpressed herself as she sobbed when she remembering all she had seenespecially the jumbos running in circles after instructions fromtheir lead. This really got to me and I felt her appreciation forallowing her to attend the circus. Verbal communication can be usedto attract the attention and communicate effectively. (Beebe andBeebe, 2015).

Afterthe rains had stopped, it marked the end of daddy and daughter dayout, a day well spent and I am glad to have spent it that way as eversince then, the bond between us has grown stronger. However, it was apity watching the animals doing some cruel tricks.


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