FactorsAssociated with the Use of Force

FactorsAssociated With the Use of Force

Thepolice and correctional facility personnel use force to maintain lawand order in a bid to ensure public safety. However, the evaluationof the use of force differs with institutions. The force used incorrectional facilities is evaluated under the Cruel and UnusualPunishments standard. On the other hand, the police evaluate theapplication of force using the Reasonable Objective standard. It isimportant for the correctional personnel to understand and use forcewith the objective of keeping themselves, the community, and theinmates safe (Pallock, 2005).

Thefactors associated with the use of force are designed to assist inbetter decision making. An individual is able to make a decisionbased on known factors that exist within the institution. Theindividual will also be able to defend his/her decisions based on thestated factors. However, one should note that the need to usephysical force is diminished in a correctional facility. Aninstitution offers a controlled environment where the correctionalofficers deal with inmates. In contrast to street officers dealingwith different subjects in uncontrolled locations, correctionalpersonnel are expected to understand and reduce the use of force(Shirley &amp Scott, 2009). Public perception of an institution islikely to influence an officer’s decision to apply or restrain fromusing force. Besides, research shows that with the presence of therapid response personnel in a facility, the use of force is reduced.

Onewould claim that the use of force is dependent on the situation oneis in, availability of technology, and the nature of the presentenvironment. Regardless of how secure a facility may be policeofficers and correctional personnel are always forced to the resortto the use of force when prompted.


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