TuesdayJune 19, 2016.

Thismovie is a compilation of criminal lives of several people (maincharacters) in three different stories and the connection they havebetween them. This work shows a new standard in crime films,developed in the perfect illicit environment of Los Angeles city. Theway the events are presented and the dialogues during the whole filmis a peculiar characteristic in Quentin Tarantino’s (director)works. Characters start talking about any topic and the way theydelve in the subject is a piece of art showing culture knowledge andpersonal opinions with a strange sense of humor. The attitude ofcharacters is similar they seem to be always relaxed and carefree,until they put themselves into a dangerous or confusing situation.The performance of characters achieve the mood the director wanted totransmit, it is to be comfortable when having control and thereactions when realized they do not control anything.

Thereare two men, Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson),having a conversation about their boss Marsellus Wallace (VingRhames) and his wife Mia (Uma Thurman). They talk about a rumor ofsomeone who got killed by Marsellus because of a foot massage.Vincent seems to be nervous because he has to meet Mia and take herout so she has fun. Vincent tries to calm himself down he seems tobe fine with the task his boss gave to him. Vincent and Jules havethis dialogue in the way to meet some young men with outstandingbusiness with Marsellus. Both men are quite polite and almostfriendly, suddenly Jules takes out his gun and starts makingquestions about the issue unsolved with Marsellus. He shot one manlying on the couch, scaring the others in the apartment. When Vincentgot what they were looking for, Jules quotes a passage from the Bible“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by theinequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men…” [ CITATION Joh94 l 2058 ].

Thepassage is from Ezekiel 25:17 the theme of the film can be found inthis scene. The piece of text on the Bible mentions that the man whohelps others will be blessed and the God’s vengeance will fall onthe evil man (who destroys and kills his brothers). Vincent can bedescribed as fearless and impulsive. Jules is focused and thoughtful.The film is all about mafia hit men, gangsters and drugs. Even mostof the men involved in this type of activities are considered bad,Tarantino showed how these guys are exposed to this environment andthe awareness of each one to help, to kill or to ignore other people.The characters that helped others, got a second chance or survive toa complicated problem, these can be defined as the blessed ones whohelp their brothers.

Marsellusis a powerful man and his workers know that his wife is untouchable.Vincent and Mia went to have dinner and some drinks. When theyarrived to Mia’s house she found some drug in Vincent’s jacket.She inhales it thinking is cocaine but it was not, so she startsbleeding and falls down. Vincent peaceful attitude change intostressed, nervous and scared. He was unconcerned to a situation hehad under control and a task he already has finished. But thatchanged when he noticed his life was in danger to be part on Mia’sdeath. He finally solves the problem putting Mia’s life out ofdanger and the confident and fearless characters (Vincent and Mia)were two embarrassed and vulnerable persons. Tarantino’s explicitlyin violent scenes makes the audience feel the stress and fear of thecharacters.

Anotherimportant scene is where Butch (Bruce Willis) and Marsellus startfighting on the street because Butch escape and he does not respect adeal he had with Marsellus. They came into a gun store and suddenlythey are kidnapped by a big man who calls a police officer, hispartner in crime. Kidnappers take Marsellus into a room and noises ofpain start coming from it. Butch had a chance to escape from thissituation, but something makes him return and help Marsellus, evenwhen he knew Marsellus wanted to kill him. Marsellus was gettingraped by the police officer when Butch rescues him he decided to letButch go away. Butch was blessed with a second chance.

Thefilm can be confusing for people who do not pay attention to detailsand it is possible to see the connections only at the end of themovie. Tarantino wanted to show the twists that life can have and nomatter what position you have in society, everyone is exposed tohorrible situations. For example, Jules he quotes the passage and henearly got shot, but he did not. Actually, he sees it as a miraclewhere he was forgiven for causing pain to others. So he decides toquit and change his life style. On the other hand Vincent did notthink the same and he got killed walking out from the bathroom. Thesechanges in life also are seen in bad moments, when someone cares ofothers without expecting earning something, and receiving anotheropportunity to live and to value life. Jules explains at the end ofthe movie while he is pointing his gun to a man and quoting onceagain Ezequiel 25:17, he wanted to be and tries really hard to be theshepherd, to help others and guide them to be better men. He does notwant to be the evil man or the weak one, neither the vengeance todestroy bad men.

Tarantinocould send a strong message to those who open not only their eyes buttheir ears and minds. Anything in life is for granted, no matter howmuch something was planned life has as twists as sky has stars. Healso showed how a bad situation can always be worst. This is a greatmaster piece in movies world, every time you watch it you can observedifferent issues and perceive a singular messages in all scenes.


PulpFiction.Dir. Quentin. Tarantino.Int.Travolta John, and others. 1994.