Communicationis ideal for any business that needs prosperity. The aspect ofeffective communication plays a significant role in the execution ofdaily activities in an organization. Business interactions with thepeople from different cultures require the parties involved tounderstand the cultural difference that tends to exist (Hallam &ampStreet, 2013). Most business deals fail due to misunderstandingscaused by cultural differences, and this should be addressed forachievability to be realized in firms.

Asa manager of a known company, I had an issue that affected myperformance due to cultural difference. From my origin, talking loud,being assertive and aggressive was a common thing, and nobody has aproblem with it even when sharing important ideas. During one of ourmeetings with the company`s directors, I found myself in trouble. Thedirectors were from a different culture as compared to that of mine.I was given a chance to share ideas about the prospects of the firm.After reading my speech, at one point there was a misunderstandingsince the directors felt that I was not respecting them. I wasraising critical information that needs more seriousness as per themother than what I was expressing. On my side, I was not doinganything wrong, but they felt that I was joking with the issue athand. What I came to realize was that we were from different culturesand that this was the barrier in our communication and management.However, after realizing that I was wrong, I had to take quick actionto straighten everything. I had to prove to the panel that as per myorigin, being assertive and talking loud was normal and had no illintentions. It was hard to convince them, but thanks to one of thedirectors who apparently were from my origin, without my knowledge.The director proved my stand, and I was in real terms gain with theteam of trustees, and all was well. If it were not for the director,I would probably have loosed my job, and the relevant ideas I was toshare will have gone to wastage.

Inconclusion, I believe that the issue of cultural difference is realand that organizations should work towards avoiding such. Inbusiness, managers should understand the culture of their partnersand subjects. The comprehension will create a better workingenvironment for the parties.


Hallam,E., &amp Street, B. (2013). Cultural Encounters: RepresentingOtherness. Routledge.